“Unify the country”?

Tom Woods:

Joe Biden keeps saying he wants to “unify the country.”
Sure he does.
His vision for “unifying” the country calls to mind the neoconservatives’ stance on promoting democracy abroad: it’s democracy if our guys win.
Likewise, it’s “unifying the country” if we all unite around the Establishment.
Not to mention: how exactly does Biden or anyone else propose to “unify the country”?
How do you “unify” (1) people who, like Ludwig von Mises, point out that the idea of liberty is, in its origins, a Western one, with (2) people who consider the West a great oppressor?
How do you “unify” people who think society ought to be able to run its affairs without the patronizing intervention of Ivy League intellectuals, and people who believe in the top-down management of society?
How do you “unify” people who want to suppress dissident voices with people who are dissident voices?
At this point, calls for “unity” are just low-IQ boilerplate.
And incidentally, which side is trying to get people fired and their lives destroyed for wrongthink? Which side condemns half the country as backward rubes? Seems like it would take some real nerve for the very same people to call for unity.
You first, pal.
And the fact is: they have zero desire to “unify” us.
Our friend Dave Smith pointed out an absolutely typical example the other day:
ABC reported that a 24-year-old Black Lives Matter protestor was killed after being hit by a car that plowed into a group of protestors.
Here’s their summary on Twitter:
“A young protester has died from injuries she suffered when a luxury car plowed into her and another woman during a Black Lives Matter protest Saturday on a Seattle freeway that has been shut down for days due to the civil unrest, police said.”
Any indication in there that the driver was black? Because he was.
Here’s Dave’s comment: “Race is only relevant when it will heighten racial tensions, so ABC doesn’t mention that the driver was black. They do, however, give you the critical detail that it was a luxury car.”
Does that kind of reporting seem designed to “unify” America?
And in case you’re wondering: it’s not just the Twitter summary. The entire article failed to mention the driver’s race, thereby leaving people to presume that interracial strife must be at the root of the incident.
Want to unite around reason and good will? That’s easier said than done in our public square these days.

Biden and every other Democrat accuse Trump of dividing the country. Which is a true yet irrelevant statement. The idea of “unity” presupposes there is unity, as in agreement, when there clearly is not unity. Not a single president in my lifetime (which goes back to Lyndon Baines Johnson, who divided his own party on civil rights, and then divided his own party differently on Vietnam) has been a unifier, except perhaps for Jimmy Carter in that two-thirds of the country agreed he did a horrible job as president.

The only way you can unify the country is by getting the political minority to agree with the political majority, or vice versa. And when will that happen?


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