When you remember Paul Soglin fondly compared to now

Long-standing readers might question the headline given what I’ve written about my hometown before now. (Do a search on this site for “Madison” or “Soglin” for evidence.)

(One of the posts you’ll see if you search is the time when Soglin and I appeared on a couple of episodes of the late Wisconsin Public Television “WeekEnd” show as last-segment pundits.)

M.D. Kittle sort of explains my headline:

Former Leftist Madison Mayor Paul Soglin once gave Cuba’s brutal communist dictator Fidel Castro the key to the city. 

Anarchist Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway has turned over the key to a hate-filled mob.

Rhodes-Conway has used her white privilege to appease the militant radical protesters and rioters who have ripped up the Isthmus and firebombed the City-County Building.

She’s become perhaps the most pandering member of the “Free Yeshua” movement. Devonere Johnson, 28, who fancies calling himself Yeshua Musa, was arrested Tuesday after walking into a Capitol Square restaurant with a baseball bat and a bullhorn. He more than disturbed the peace; he was a public menace.

It took five officers to bring the flailing, kicking, resisting Johnson into custody, and even then he had to be apprehended again after he bolted from the squad car and tried to escape. As he was being arrested, Johnson put on a big show for the radicals who were videotaping him, at one point yelling, “I can’t breathe.” The phrase was intentional. That’s what George Floyd cried out during the agonizing minutes of his last minutes of life. Floyd, a middle-aged black man who died at the hands of a a white Minneapolis police officer, became the symbol of a sweeping protest movement against racism and police brutality.

But the movement has also been co-opted and led by radical socialists looking to “reorganize” America in their redistributionist image.

Rhodes-Conway shares their vision, even if she bristles a bit at some of their methods.

This week she asked that Johnson’s initial appearance in court be expedited “so he can be released on bail.” This is a guy with at least one violent felony on his rap sheet. A further investigation led to more charges against the black “activist,” including extortion-related offenses.

Police said Johnson and Gregg A. James Jr., 23, have been charged with threats to injure. Another fine fellow, William T. Shanley, 25, was charged with being a party to a crime.

Johnson and James, according to police, demanded free food and drinks from restaurants in exchange for protecting them from the destruction of demonstrators. In one case, they demanded free stuff or an employee would be injured, according to the police report.

Johnson also faces federal charges. A complaint filed by the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin on Friday alleges Johnson attempted to obtain money and property by “threatened use of force, violence and fear.” Johnson, according to the complaint, threatened that windows of a business would be destroyed unless he received payment via his Venmo account. He also is charged with threatening to shut down and destroy another business.

This is the guy Madison’s mayor wanted out walking on bail.

Following Johnson’s arrest, the radical mob demanded his release from the Dane County Jail. They toppled iconic progressive statues at the Capitol, smashed windows,tossed Molotov cocktails into public buildings, and beat up an openly gay Wisconsin senator.

“I recognize that we need better options to deescalate situations and offer restorative justice in our community,” Mayor Satya wrote in her blog, using the gobbledygook language of liberals who have completely lost their minds.

Then she doubled down on her mob-friendly rhetoric, calling on the City Council to terminate the police department’s contract with the school district, and take school resource officers — police — out of the city’s high schools.

It’s a bold move that simultaneously communicates the city’s liberal leaders hate cops and that Madison teachers, parents and students are truly on their own.

She said as much in her blog.

“Over the past weeks, we have heard chants of ‘Who keeps us safe? We keep us safe!”’ It’s time for that ‘us’ and that ‘we’ to include everyone in Madison,” she wrote.

“Because every single person who lives here deserves to be and feel safe in our City. And it is up to every single one of us to make that true. Everyone – police, protester, elected official, business owner, resident – everyone must find it within themselves to show compassion and kindness for each other, and to care about each other’s safety and well-being.”

The kind of compassion that Mr. Bat and Bullhorn showed businesses and patrons on the Square?

When the police and the consequences are gone, who’s going to protect Madison from Mayor Satya’s sunshine daydream?

Rest in peace Madison.

You had a good run.  

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