Justice Hypocrite

Dan O’Donnell:

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Dallet argued for keeping Governor Evers’ “Safer at Home” order in place, but spent Memorial Day Weekend boating with friends in what would have been a violation of that order.

Dallet, along with Justices Ann Walsh Bradley and Brian Hagedorn, dissented from the Court’s decision May 13 to strike down the “Safer at Home” order, which was set to expire on May 26.

In her dissent, Dallet warned that “Wisconsinites will pay the price” for the Court lifting the order two weeks early. Two days before the order was set to expire, however, Dallet joined another family for a boating excursion on Big Cedar Lake. Naturally, they were unable to keep social distance on the small boat.

Had Dallet gotten her way, such an excursion would have been unlawful and punishable by 30 days in jail and $250 in fines because “Safer at Home” outlawed get-togethers with people who do not live in the same home.

Dallet also signed on to Justice Walsh Bradley’s dissent, which blasted the majority for failing to stay its ruling so that the Evers Administration and Wisconsin Legislature could come up with a plan for “safely” re-opening the state:

The lack of a stay would be particularly breathtaking given the testimony yesterday before Congress by one of our nation’s top infectious disease experts, Dr. Anthony Fauci. He warned against lifting too quickly stay-at-home orders such as embodied in Emergency Order 28. He cautioned that if the country reopens too soon, it will result in “some suffering and death that could be avoided [and] could even set you back on the road to trying to get economic recovery.

Given the admonition of Dr. Fauci, I fail to see the wisdom or the equity in invalidating Emergency Order 28 and, at least for the time being, leaving nothing in its stead.

Dallet’s boat trip was captured in a photo posted to a friend’s Facebook page. Ironically, that friend is using a “Stay Home, Save Lives” border on her profile picture.

Dallet isn’t the only offender in this regard, as WTVO-TV in Rockford reports:

Illinois Gov. JB Pritkzer said he and his family have been spending time on their horse farm in Wisconsin, saying they’re doing an essential function.

According to the Chicago Tribune, some have called the travel a violation of his own stay-at-home order.

“I just will say we have a working farm. They’re there now. There are animals on that farm, that is an essential function to take care of animals at a farm, so that’s what they’re doing,” Pritzker said.

A spokesperson for the governor’s office said Pritzker and his family have been living in Chicago but have visited the farm in Racine.

The Governor said his wife and daughter were originally in Florida when the shelter-in-place order was issued there.

One wonders if Pritzker told Gov. Tony Evers he was planning on violating his home state’s lockdown to visit Wisconsin.


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