Questions not entirely answered

Mark Zart posted this on the Reopen Wisconsin Facebook page:

I got an email from State Senator Howard Marklein. I’m including an excerpt of it here and it includes a quote from Evers and what he thinks about the citizens of Wisconsin.

“In addition to the court case, I also sent a letter to Governor Evers on Thursday, May 7, 2020 to implore him to proceed with a regional, phased plan to re-open Wisconsin right away. I am becoming increasingly worried about the Main Street businesses in our communities that were deemed non-essential and closed in March. I am concerned about the people who have delayed medical care. I am anxious about the large employers who are holding it together – for now. I fear for the farmers who are dumping milk, euthanizing animals and contemplating their futures.

I told the Governor that the business-people and citizens I represent are smart. They understand the risks. They have devised detailed plans to re-open their businesses and go about their lives, while protecting vulnerable populations. I have attached my letter for your review.

I was prompted to write this letter after hearing the Governor’s comments during his press briefing on Monday, May 4, 2020. Steve Prestegard from the Platteville Journal asked the Governor a very good question. He asked the Governor how he is going to respond “if the population of the state is indicating with their feet that they’re really NOT in favor of Safer-At-Home.”

The Governor answered: “I don’t believe that.”

Governor Evers does not believe that the majority of people in Wisconsin want to re-open our state. He is not listening to you.”


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