The coronavirus fear crisis

Michael Smith:

This COVID-19 pandemic response is what happens when progressive policies collide with natural law, the natural law being that viruses exist, they mutate and they infect humans — all the time, every day.

“Stay at home” policies aren’t a medical procedure, they are behavioral controls that delay the inevitable — unless and until medical science catches up to the virus.

Think about this — these policies offer Americans a dichotomy — allegedly designed to quell fear while also inciting it. For a majority of Americans, these policies convert rational, reasonable fear into irrational and unreasonable fear … and do not dismiss that there are people who hold totally reasonable fears about contracting COVID-19 due to their own personal risk assessments. I do not deny that.

But it sure seems the policies to which we have been subjected have been based on many contradictions.

I’ve said it many times and am seeing it play out every day — reasonable fear plus bad logic equals crippling unease but starting from a basis of unreasonable, irrational fear plus bad logic equals disaster.

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