Dueling TV versions

WISC-TV in Madison:

More than 50 people who voted in person or worked the polls during Wisconsin’s election earlier this month have tested positive for COVID-19 so far.

The state Department of Health Services reported the latest figures on Tuesday, three weeks after the April 7 presidential primary and spring election that drew widespread concern because of voters waiting in long lines to cast ballots in Milwaukee.

Wisconsin Emergency Management spokesman Andrew Beckett says several of the 52 people who have tested positive and were at the polls also reported other possible exposures.

Vince Vitrano of WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee:

There was no election day surge.

I appreciate the compliments from many of you that suggest you agree I’ve been presenting math without bias or opinion. I share here, no politics… just numbers on this important issue.

Out of an abundance of caution (popular phrase) I waited an additional week beyond the typical 14-day incubation window for COVID-19 to allow for delayed reporting and/or test results that would indicate a spike in positive cases surrounding in-person polling on April 7th.

It didn’t materialize.

Highest number of daily COVID-19 deaths (19) reported back on April 4. Pre election.

Highest number of daily COVID-19 hospitalizations in Wisconsin (446) reported April 9th. Only 2 days post election.

April 22nd, we did see the highest number of positive COVID-19 tests as a percentage of the sample size, at 11.9%. Front end of the election day surge?

It didn’t hold. It was a one day jump, followed by another two days decline that has now fallen in the latest numbers to 7.6%. See the attached chart which reflects exactly what health officials have been preaching for weeks… a “flat” curve. It’s up. It’s down. It’s up. It’s down. It’s net is flat.

Both State DHS Secretary Designee Andrea Palm and Dr. Ryan Westergaard, the State’s Chief Medical Officer both answered last week direct questions on the election and neither said they could see an election related spike.

Nothing has changed since those statements were made as the green line reflects on the attached graph… a flat trend.


I didn’t say having in-person voting on April 7th was a good idea. I take no public position on that, as it’s a matter of opinionated debate.

I didn’t say none of the people who voted or worked the polls got sick.

I didn’t say Governor Tony Evers was right or wrong to try to postpone the election.

I didn’t say Republican leadership was right or wrong to block the effort.

I didn’t say the courts made the right or wrong decisions with regard to the questions put before them.

You’re entitled to your opinion on the wisdom of proceeding with the election in the manner that we did.

I simply now report three weeks post election that the surge some feared, others predicted, did not happen.


Regardless of whether you thought there’d be a surge or not… shouldn’t this be regarded as good news? This much I share my opinion on… I want Wisconsin and our people to be healthy and strong and vibrant.

Nobody likes the Packers fan who predicts we’re going to get blown out on Sunday… and then actively roots against his own team just to prove he was right. Every time I’ve ever bet against the Pack, which at times is where the smart money is, I’ve wanted in my heart to be wrong.

Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief and continue to hope we’re closer every day to getting people back to work.

Vitrano also posted …


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