On Protest Day

David Blaska writes about …


(That should be “Capitol,” referring to the building, not the city, by the way.)

Ersatz. Astroturf. Piltdown Man. Hitler’s Diary. Jussie Smollet. No one really thinks America should begin to reopen from the novel coronavirus lockdown! …

That rally planned for [today], Friday (04-24-2020) on the grounds of the WI State Capitol? It’s a stage show, a carnival of colorfulcharacters — every one of them paid piece rate for their performance. Marionettes whose strings are being pulled by various Koch Bros., alive and dead.

That’s who’s really behind the ‘Reopen’ protests, Lisa Graves informs NY Times readers.“They are anything but spontaneous,” she assures.

… The protests playing out now [to protest against governors seeking to mitigate the Covid-19 death toll ] have the same feel as the Tea Party protests aided by Koch-financed Americans for Prosperity and others a decade ago — and with good reason: Early evidence suggests they are not organic but a brush fire being stoked by some of the same people and money that built the Tea Party.

That’s “early evidence” you can use to make sense of the news, thanks to experts carefully curated and vetted by the New York Times. Because it has “the same feel.”

Ms. Graves, a resident of the Town of Middleton WI, conjures the usual nine degrees of separation that is supposed to prove causation. She’s got grocery string criss-crossing a dozen newspaper clippings, all thumb-tacked to her bulletin board like a hallucinogenic spider maze. Her Big Reveal: ReopenAmerica was created in the Koch Bros. lah-BOR-atory in service of The Great Conservative Conspiracy. Besides the Koch Bros. …

Others are providing legal assistance as well … a Facebook group called Reopen NC has retained the legal services of Michael Best & Friedrich, a Wisconsin law firm whose clients include President Trump. The firm is well known for its work with dark-money groups that fought the recall of the Koch ally Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and waged war on unions.

(Boo! Hiss!)

Then there’s the Convention of States, established in 2015 with a big contribution from the conservative hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer. … Stephen Moore — a fellow at the Heritage Foundation …

And on and on. Hillary’s Great Conservative Conspiracy hatched on orders “from the super-rich and their front groups” to profit off the deaths of the dumfuks stupid enough to vote Trump and shop at Walmart (which, BTW, remains open.) (Boos! Hiss!) All so the Koch Boys can sell more Koch.

For good measure, Ms. Lisa Graves slips the race card out of her sleeve. When was the Tea Party formed? Why, “right after America elected its first black president.” (Boo! Hiss!)

Quarantine Chicago. “With 19 dead, 47 more wounded by gunfire, Chicago sees most violent 5-day span of 2020.” (More here.) H/T Paula Fitz.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Here’s how you know higher powers are NOT behind Friday’s Reopen Wisconsin rally: the dumfuks — a minority of a minority to be certain — will cater to the news media’s biases. They will hoist battle flags, show off their firearms, display placards of Tony in an SS uniform, and eschew face masks. A well financed and managed rally would stay on message. This one will not.

But they will pick up after themselves.

Confederate flags are a stupid idea because they represent the losing side, the defeat of which cost 12,000 Wisconsin lives. So are the Trump 2020 signs I predict you’ll see, because this has nothing to do with Trump; it has to do with Gov. Tony Evers and his one-size-fits-all Safer-at-Home edicts, which are guaranteed to keep the state closed for businesses the rest of the year.

WISN radio’s Mark Belling pointed out the stark contrast between the Act 10 protests of Recallarama and today’s protest. The first side was bitching about having to pay (less than what the people paying their salaries) for their health insurance (that is an order of magnitude better than what the people paying their salaries get); today’s protesters will be protesting for the right to go to work to provide for their families.

The media has been somewhat blind to protests about Safer at Home because they were considered an “essential” occupation. (That’s called “co-opting.”) That does not mean the media has not been laying off people due to shrinkage in advertising. Reporters covering the protests might, before they head to the Capitol, take a look at their own publications (and it applies to broadcast too, I’m sure), and notice which of their advertisers aren’t advertising now.

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