When all choices are bad

Michael Smith is …

Posting this as a gigantic “what if” question.The fact that I now personally know two people who fell ill and tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 from two different states TRIGGERED me.

They both reported feeling bad for about 3-4 days, were really ill for around 5-6 (said it was like the worst flu they have ever had), took about another 5 days or so to feel back to almost normal – roughly a 15 day cycle. Both had flu shots but other than that, had nothing other than natural defenses. Thankfully, those were enough to keep them out of the hospital.

So that gave rise to the “what if”.

What if, like HIV, there is no therapy of vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 viral infection for two or three decades in the future?

Hell, the common cold doesn’t kill us – thank God — but we haven’t figured out how to stop it yet, this variant of the coronavirus might be the same.

The current assumption is that the pandemic would be far worse without the “radical steps” that have been taken — but would it? How do we know?

The reason “flattening the curve” is important is not that self-isolation and social distancing will arrest the virus, it only provides a degree of relief from over-stressing hospitals, medical staff and the supply of medical equipment — so we aren’t fighting the virus with these radical steps, we are fighting scarcity. We’re managing an economic reality, not a medical one.

As many have pointed out, self-isolation, social distancing, masks and medical grade gloves only deprive the virus of fresh skin-covered meat sacks to infect, the virus won’t just die from loneliness.

If NY Governor Nipple Piercings is to be believed, only one in five make it off the vent once they go on, so you have to wonder if putting people on vents is just so we can say we did everything we could even though we know that four out of five are likely too sick to make it.

I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t – I know if it was my family, I would want every measure taken until running out of options — but there comes a time when we learn what conditions can be reversed and which cannot. We do it all the time with cancer.

If therapies or a vaccine aren’t on the near-term horizon, continuing to isolate will only destroy the economy — and it would seem that the same number of people will die, albeit over a longer period of time.

Like I have said, there are no good answers at present, only less bad ones.

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