The Democrazies

Ann Althouse:

“Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren all must weigh the costs of punching Bloomberg where he looks most vulnerable: stop-and-frisk, charges of sexism, billionaire entitlement….”

“The more zealous the attacks, the greater the risk he turns his campaign ATM against them. They’re already struggling to catch up with Sanders in national support and campaign dollars. Turning their focus toward Bloomberg only complicates that task. There’s another risk, at least for the moderates: Weakening the one who may be best poised to stop Sanders, a democratic socialist, if they fail themselves…. By not competing in the four early states, Bloomberg has gone basically unchallenged, allowing him to define himself without interference or really any debate. This has made him a top-tier candidate and the only one with the certain cash to run to the end.”
Axios summarizes.
It’s crazy that Bloomberg has achieved such status in the race without exposing his candidate skills to the people. We have no idea what impression he will make on a debate stage, which will be crucial for challenging Trump. Bloomberg has stood back and watched so many of the Democratic candidates drop out, candidates who had to try to stand out in a debate and couldn’t make it in a heavy crowd. Now, the crowd has thinned out, and everyone left is running out of money. And here’s Mike, with endless money and still waiting to go on stage.
Will he even be in the next debate, which is this Wednesday? The DNC changed the qualification rules to help Bloomberg. They got rid of the requirement of number of donor. But he needs a number of polls putting him over 10%, and the latest info I can find, here, says he’s still one short. It’s funny, because I was just checking for new polls at Real Clear Politics, and there hasn’t been anything new since last Friday and no new national poll since last Wednesday. The most recent national poll surveyed people from 2/9 to 2/11. That seems odd, doesn’t it? Are polls being held back? I remember before the Iowa caucus, the Des Moines Register held back its poll.
I wonder if the Democrats aren’t getting themselves into terrible trouble over Mike Bloomberg. I like listening to “Morning Joe” on my car radio as I drive back home after my sunrise run. This is a 5 minute drive and about all I can tolerate, but it’s good for giving me a sense of what Democrats are freaking out about at the moment. Today, they were tormenting themselves over Mike Bloomberg. He’s got race-and-gender problems, but so did Trump. He’s a billionaire, but so is Trump. If Trump did it, shouldn’t that mean Bloomberg can do it?
I don’t think they’ve faced up to why Trump was able to do what he did. Without first giving Trump credit, they’re in no position to say so then Mike can do it too. It sounded to me as though they think of Trump as evidence that weird magic things happen. So, why not Mike? At the very least, they should recognize that Trump had a powerful skill in knocking down rivals on the debate stage, and Bloomberg has yet to set foot on the stage. It’s crazy to forsake all others for Bloomberg.
That prompted this comment:

Of course I want to see the Dems fail and destroy themselves from within, but it is about time one Dem really challenged another Dem. They all basically agree about most policy issues and – to me – they all look crazy.
The Green New Deal would destroy America. So-called moderate Middle Class Joe is basically for it.
Pete, however, has distinguished himself for calling for decriminalizing ALL drugs and eliminating the Electoral College. Two truly insane policies from a failed small town mayor.
There’s not a dime’s worth of policy difference with these candidates so they have to resort to superficial differences like race, age, wealth and sex.
In a way, this is all good for the country. When Trump wins in a landslide the Dems will know they were totally defeated and America has completed rejected them.

Read the other comments, which are fascinating, about such subjects as whether or not Bloomberg wants to be in the Democratic debates, what very rich Democratic donors think about Comrade Sanders, and whether Bloomberg even wants to be president.


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