Candidate pot, meet president kettle

The Dubuque Telegraph Herald found a candidate for president (because that’s where they all are now):

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg told a crowd of 600 in Maquoketa on Monday that a cornerstone of his presidency would be not forgetting people in conservative areas, even those who don’t vote for him.

“You can’t love a country if you hate half of the people in it,” said the mayor of South Bend, Ind., during a town hall at Maquoketa Middle School.

He later added, “When the presidency is working well, you can look at the White House, look at the president, even if you wouldn’t vote for them, and feel the presidency is still working for you. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice to have a president who, when you turn on the television, your blood pressure goes down a little bit?”

What president in your lifetime would that have been, would-be president Pete? Bill Clinton? (Who resulted in George W. Bush.) Barack Obama? (Who resulted in Donald Trump.) Jimmy Carter? (Who resulted in Ronald Reagan, not that Buttigieg probably remembers either, since he was born in 1982.)

As for being the president of all, Buttigieg favors gun control, which is unconstitutional. Democrats don’t care about the constitution beyond abortion rights and (for now) the presidential impeachment provisions. Buttigieg supports Medicare for All, which should offend fiscal conservatives those who correctly believe that government should not be in charge of anyone’s health care. Buttigieg is also gay, which is an affront to those who believe what the Bible says about non-man/woman marital relationships, and in fact his entire campaign has been a big fat middle finger toward conservative Christians. But he’s going to be the president of everyone. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Buttigieg is not qualified to be president, and given his current position will never be qualified to be president. South Bend, Ind., is home of one of the world’s most famous universities, Notre Dame. Any politician with any ability at all would have made South Bend into the ultimate U.S. college town, drawing millennials in like flies to … well, you know. But South Bend is closer to the center of industrial blight than a college town, and Buttigieg has succeeded at nothing to improve South Bend. And he thinks he should be president.


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