Michael Smith on …

The Report
“I forced myself to read more of the Horror-witz Report and have come to a couple of conclusions – first, if this is what a thorough IG investigation looks like, we should immediately fire all people holding Inspector General positions because they are worthless. Secondly, while the media pounces to claim there was no spying, no wiretapping and no treason, there is ample evidence there was spying and wiretapping and it seems clear that the chance such a widespread operation against a political candidate was simply carried out by minions of their own volition approaches zero.
Puppet shows depend on the suspension of disbelief, that we divorce our minds from the puppeteers we know are behind the curtain and focus only on the puppets on the stage as if they were acting independently. This report reveals the puppet show to which we all had a front row seat and now the theater managers are asking us to believe the puppeteers had nothing to do with the show, we should just blame the puppets – and since puppets only do what they are manipulated to do, how can we blame them? They were just patriotic little puppets with no will of their own and no recognition that what they were doing was bad.
The mutually exclusive conclusions with which America is presented is the same as we faced for 8 years of Obama, the actors were either 1) incompetent or 2) maliciously complicit – but these aren’t mutually exclusive. James Comey and his band of Merry Men come off as both, a gang of Inspector Clouseau clones, stumbling toward what they thought was a foreground conclusion, a Madam Presidency (if such occurred, none of this would have ever come to light).
Despite the conclusions of CNN and MSNBC that this report “exonerates” everybody except the President, it doesn’t. It paints a damning picture of what our government has become – if I was the head of a department in any company and my employees were this out of control, just who would you think would be rightfully responsible? There’s no doubt that it would be me – and if my boss and their boss knew it, they would share in the blame as well. That’s true here. If Comey’s people were running amok, then he is as culpable as any of his employees for no maintaining control over them – and if Obama knew, then he is just as culpable as Comey (and it is completely unbelievable that an FBI Director was faced with what he termed a “foreign threat” would not brief his boss).
No wonder it took Horowitz so long to produce this report – it’s difficult to find so much wrong and then be charged with writing a report that essentially says “There’s lots of evidence of bad people doing bad stuff but they were just bumbling fools with no direction, so no harm – no foul”. Just ask yourself how people who were caught up in the process “crimes of the Mueller investigation got punished (Flynn, Manafort and Stone in particular) and not a single government employee was fingered in this IG report, even though the evidence of criminal activity was significantly greater.
Nobody gets punished because the Deep State doesn’t punish its own. They are just patriots protecting America.
I hope Bill Barr and John Durham changes that.
If they don’t, this is where the civil war starts – not over this comedic Lavrentiy Beria “impeachment” process but over a government that lets its own go free while it crushes regular citizens for thought crimes.”

Gary Probst:

Here’s the ultimate foil for the Democrats. They get Trump to say he’s done and walks away. Pence or Ted Cruz pummel the last of the very weak Democrat candidates. How’d ‘ya like them apples? As in anything in life, be cautious of short-term results, at the cost of long-term benefit. Unless they have something dynamite, they’ve angered the Republican and Libertarian base, as nobody likes scummy politics that resemble a foolish tantrum.

I have never been a fan of ethically-challenged Trump. However, making up a false narrative, like the Red Queen of Alice in Wonderland, is a massive error. It will backfire and it will be off with THEIR heads.

One thing you learn early in the news business is that you don’t think like the average person. What may seem like a big deal to you boils down to a boring story about the mechanics of government for the average viewer. What you may consider being scandalous or important may be viewed as a “so what?” moment for the public.

I interned at KWWL-TV in Waterloo, IA, many years ago. Crusty Assignment Editor, Dean Frein, had a sign above his desk. It said, “Who, What, Where, When, Why, How—and in bold–SO WHAT?”

I’d like to see the SO WHAT if they have it. If they call it an ongoing investigation, don’t they realize a coverup is likely complete and revealing information may produce coverup indictments? Let the info flow. Let us know. Otherwise, SO WHAT?


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