An old tour of the old neighborhood

I have written here previously about the history of the far East Side Madison neighborhood where I grew up.

My source for this is Facebook Friend Eric Alver’s We Grew Up in Monona (and Cottage Grove) Wi … AND Are Happy We Did!!! Facebook page.

C & P Drive-In market sign, 3830 Atwood Avenue, featuring Borden’s Ice Cream and Waterloo Sausage Co. Also shows John Olson’s Standard Service Station sign. The location is the corner where Atwood Avenue ends and Monona Drive begins and Cottage Grove Road (Co. Highway goes off to the east.

By 1968, this is what Atwood and Cottage Grove looked like:

The C&P was built on a sloped lot, with the drive-up at the bottom of the east side of the building, at the bottom of a big ramp from the checkout lanes on the south side of the building. If you were the right age, you would of course race down the ramp.


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