It’ll be the end of the world as we know it …

The Daily Kos breathlessly reports!

The IPCC gave us 12 years to set the wheels in motion to save ourselves from the apocalypse known as climate change. Now in the scientific community, a consensus is building that we have only 18 months to implement aggressive climate policy.

Which means “that the decisive, political steps to enable the cuts in carbon to take place will have to happen before the end of next year”.

This does not mean we have 18 months before all hell breaks loose (at least for those in the temperate zones), but it does mean that steps to draw down carbon output to zero need to be in place to address the scale of the problem. Otherwise, our ability to save the biosphere will be completely out of our control.

The Trump regime, of course, will still be in office in January 2021. If he wins the 2020 election our fate is sealed. His environmental policies along with his war on the fight against climate change will have made Make America Venus Again a horrifying reality.

That pronouncement comes from Pakalolo, “a Daily Kos Community member,” and the letters “lol” may well indicate the seriousness of this claim. For one thing, real reporters use real names for their stories. (Of course, not necessarily their own real names, given the prevalence of “noms de air” in the broadcast industry.)

Just in case you’ve missed the previous pronouncements …

Regular readers know that a song is required here:

And for those who can’t figure out whether the Daily Kos is legit, a comment on the Facebook posts posted this 1967 Salt Lake Tribune story …

… about which another commenter says:

Ehrlich was a doom-monger of the first order; you should read his predictions, which foretold a climatic cataclysm in which billions would perish in “the great die off” of the 1980’s and ’90’s. Food supplies would dwindle, climate chaos would reign, wars for survival would break out, and man’s reckless greed would increase pollution and render the Earth unhinhabitable by the early 2000’s. And all of this was supported by an unassailable “consensus” of so-called “scientists” who agreed that we were careening toward catastrophe. And of course, the only way to avert Armageddon was to abandon the path of destructive bourgeois freedom and implement… Socialism. That’s right, only Soviet-style bloody tyranny & despotism will save the planet.

Bullshit then. Bullshit now.

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