The 20 dumbest Democrats

David Blaska watched two nights of Democratic debates so we didn’t have to (I was busy anyway):

The consensus seems to be that Julian Castro got the biggest boost out of the first debate Wednesday (06-26-19) and that “Beto” O’Rourke is out of his league. Kamela Harris bloodied front-runner Joe Biden in Thursday’s installment of America’s Got Progressives and Pete Buttigieg held his own.

The best coverage comes from National Review, to which the Werkes subscribes now that the Weekly Standard is kaput. Here is NR’s Jim Geraghty:

The headline out of tonight’s debate is going to be Kamala Harris starting off the second hour by turning to Joe Bidenand just kicking the snot out of him … Septuagenarians who have been in the Senate longer than I’ve been alive should probably avoid the term, “my time is up.”

Bernie Sanders stood out when standing next to the likes of Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee, and Jim Webb. This is much tougher competition, and he’s having a tougher time.
It’s a shame Andrew Yang couldn’t be there tonight. . . . Oh, he was on stage? I must have blinked too many times. The man with a million ideas literally got three minutes over two hours to pitch his ideas. This is an egregious mismanagement of the debate by MSNBC, and the Yang Gang has every right to be livid over this.

Oh for a Sister Souljah moment! —Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if Uncle Joe had said, “Look, I opposed ripping kids out of their neighborhoods and busing them clear across town to satisfy some ‘woke’ bean counter’s half-assed theory that certain kids cannot learn unless they’re seated next to certain other kids. Forced busing for integration wrecked our public schools and worsened race relations for a generation. I was against experimenting with kids’ lives then and I’m against it now.”

Julian or Julia? — Government-paid abortion for trans-gender males? Julian Castro, come on down!

Let that one marinate in your brain for a moment. Transgender women can’t get pregnant, because according to their chromosomes (which don’t change) they are men. But hey, don’t let biology get in the way of unlimited abortion.

True colors — Bill de Blasio quoting the murderous Ché Guevara? (the day after his debate Wednesday.)

Um, there’s that little matter of the … CONSTITUTION! — Bernie Sanders says he would rotate supreme court justices off the court.

Those were the days, my friends — Remember when Democrats were saying there was no crisis at the border? Now even A.O.C. is emoting for the cameras in front of a fence on an empty parking lot. No blue screen? What a phony!

As President on Day #1 — Joe Biden says his first act as President will be to defeat Donald Trump. (Must be his back-up plan if he loses the election.)

First call as President? — Democrat picks the obvious: New Zealand!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We’ll say it again; Donald Trump and Republicans would be their own worst enemy were it not for Democrats bailing them out time after time.


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