The revival of rainbow guts

Readers who know that my strange interests include sports uniforms (none of which I got to wear as a player) may know about the garish Houston Astros uniforms of 1975 to 1986.

The official colors were yellow-orange, orange and burnt orange, to go with white and navy lettering.

The white star was replaced by a navy blue star for the 1975 rollout. The pants numbers eventually disappeared.
The original proposal included these hats.
The warmup jackets in the middle had to be worn one game by the umpires when their luggage got lost. Home plate umpire John McSherry did not look good.

People who like that uniform design called it “Tequila sunset” (the opposite of “Tequila sunrise”). Those who didn’t called it “rainbow guts.”

It turns out that the recent WIAA state baseball tournament I covered on the radio included three teams with similar uniforms, including the team for which I announced, Mineral Point (Tequila moonset?) …

… the team that beat Mineral Point to win the state Division 4 title with an undefeated record, Webster …

… and a team in Division 1, Green Bay Preble (Tequila tornado warning?):

Apparently the return of the “rainbow guts” uniforms is a nationwide trend:

Northwestern did it in purple.
Louisville did it in red. Most people think light red is pink. That is incorrect; pink is really light magenta.
Cal State–Fullerton combined its orange and blue colors.

After the Astros decided they were tired of wearing the previously shown uniform all the time, they created a road version with the “sunset” just on the shoulders, a look emulated (and then some) by the Charleston Rainbows:

As for the University of Hawaii (Rainbow) Warriors …

Not sure who this is, except that this school seems to have combined black and gold with the “We Are Family” Pirates’ yellowgold pants.
Whitewater not-Wisconsin.
This looks more like a rugby shirt than the rainbow jersey.

This look is obviously an acquired taste. I kind of like it for the Astros, but I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. The saving grace is that whether a rainbow uniform is a good idea or not, it will never look as bad as this:

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