The boycotts that aren’t

Erick Erickson:

A whole lot of journalists are lazy progressive hipsters who hang out around the same people who think the same things and are, as a result, easily manipulated and played. Also, many of them are so liberal and have so many biases that it makes it even easier for progressives to spoon feed stories to journalists.

With some solid exceptions, an unfortunate number of journalists at most news organizations will gladly and repeatedly take pre-packaged stories from progressive interest groups and turn them into big stories. It’s why the New York Times ran those stupid stories about Marco Rubio’s tickets in 2016. It is why much of the national press is breathlessly reporting that Netflix is threatening to leave Georgia over its fetal heartbeat law. There’s just one problem — Netflix made no such threat.

This is all pre-packaged PR by a progressive PR firm and reporters, already more likely than not to be biased in favor of abortion rights, are falling all over themselves to report it.

What did Netflix actually say? Netflix said it’d donate to the ACLU to fight the law and maybe, possibly if the law is declared constitutional it might then consider reconsidering its business in Georgia.

Netflix is not going anywhere. Frankly, Netflix cannot afford to move production to higher cost states. It has Disney about to fire up a Netflix killer, it has exorbitant costs, and it has zero intellectual property to leverage against King Rat once it is up and running. It has to save money with Georgia’s lucrative tax credits.

The Netflix story is as badly reported as the others.

The media reported that Reed Morano pulled out of Georgia over the fetal heartbeat law, but that’s not really true. Morano was going to go scout out Georgia, but had not committed to any locations in Georgia or any other state for that matter. Georgia did not lose the business. No one had the business to begin with.

Likewise, CNN and other outlets reported that Kristen Wiig was scrapping a Georgia shoot, but there was no shooting in Georgia. It’s a story about a vacation in Florida that was never going to be filmed in Georgia anyway. It only got off the ground last month.

The media has breathlessly reported all these stories, but gotten every one of them wrong. Netflix is not leaving Georgia. The other two were not even committed to or planning on being in Georgia.

A progressive PR firm was able to get sympathetic progressives in Hollywood to saber rattle, knowing they could spin sympathetic reporters and it turns out they were right.

They will keep dripping these stories out in the run up to the 2020 election in Georgia. We will next hear about Disney pulling a Netflix. Then there’ll be other studios. Other actors with no projects in Georgia will say they canceled a project because it was going to be filmed in Georgia. Details will be nebulous.

This is all part of the playbook and at this point it is hard to conclude anything except the media is being willfully complicit in all of this.

Of course, there’s going to be another progressive outrage at some point and all the studios will start virtue signaling on those instead and everyone will forget about Georgia.

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