Single columnist, double standards

Facebook Frienf Michael Smith:

In a November 11, 1997 article titled “PRESIDENTS BEHAVING BADLY — SO WHAT?” published shortly before the Lewinsky scandal broke, Richard Cohen, the long time Post columnist, wrote:

“That has to be tough news for those Americans, and they are legion, who would love to believe otherwise. It means that a person can really be conventionally immoral in his personal life and at the same time be just a swell person in his public life. In other words, it may just be irrelevant to history what precisely Kennedy did after he concluded work. It’s the work that matters.”

Now fast forward 22 years to the same Richard Cohen on March 25, 2019:

“The urgent need is to repudiate Trump. The need is for the American people to reverse their decision of November 2016, which raised to the presidency a man of fetid personal and political ethics, who has not a whisper of the truth within him, and yet has taken command of the Republican Party so much so that when he sullied the name of the dead John McCain, all but a few Republicans said nothing in reprimand. This was the pornography of silence — utterly without socially redeeming value.”

But, of course, it is the work that matters – and evidently whether one has a “D” or an “R” as a party identifier also matters to the Washington Post.

As our Patron Saint of Mocking and Incredulity, James Taranto would no doubt point out:

“Two, two newspapers in one!”

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