Why People Hate the Media, Chapter 9,222

Facebook Friend Michael Smith:

The Smollett fake attack has now devolved to where all these fake attacks go to live an eternal life – to Ratherland.

Ratherland is that imaginary place created by former CBS anchor Dan Rather, where things are “fake but accurate” and even when disproved, are kept alive because they represent a “greater truth”.

Here’s the process:

1 – Person fakes an outrageous situation (almost always one with political benefit).

2 – Media and politicians immediatley jump to virtue signal by siding with the “victim” and running feet of columns and hours of broadcast coverage.

3 – Situation proves to be faked or untrue.

4 – Rather than chastising the perpetrator, the media and politicians immediatley blame people for noticing it is fake.

5 – Perpetrator disappears from the news, relegated to page 27 below the fold.

6 – Media and politicians claim that even if the situation was faked, the conditions exist in America for such a situation to happen, so even if it didn’t, we should treat it as if it did (a GQ writer actually stated such).

7 – You are a racist homophobe if you think differently.

8 – Welcome to Ratherland!

Progressives claim that an event that never happened somehow proves their points and supports the idea that they are better, more compassionate and more woke than you are. Members of the media are now claiming they are the victims.

I saw another tweet that cluelessly claimed the right is using the Smollett situation to blame all people who report such crimes and how bad it is to generalize one bad apple to represent the whole barrel. Wonder where they were when anyone who didn’t jump on the Smollett bandwagon was being called a racist homophobe.

And yet a whole political movement is bases on nothing but claiming your opponent is bad because you want them to be. This is why honest debate is impossible today – in true Kafkaesque fashion, no matter what you do or what you say – even (especially) if you don’t say or do anything, you are guilty.

And if you are guilty, you are shipped off to Ratherland.

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