Two shows, one movie, one theme song

The first record I ever purchased was this, for $1.03 from the neighborhood drug store:

This song, which reached number one on the charts, was for this two-season TV show:

Of course I watched, since I watched nearly every TV cop show in those days. I can’t tell you much about the series, except for the description of actor Robert Urich, who termed it as four guys who jumped out of a bread truck and yelled “Where’s the fire?”

The theme was, shall we say, heavily massaged for the movie of the same theme:

But then it came back in more original form when CBS brought back ABC’s series 40 years later:

In a sense the producers of new “S.W.A.T.” are borrowing from the producers of “Hawaii Five-0” …

… who would have been marched into the ocean had they not used the theme of the original “Hawaii Five-O.”

The same applies to the varieties of “Dragnet,” from black and white …

… to color half-hour …

… to the late one-hour “L.A. Dragnet”:

Just the facts.



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