From the governor of the Axis of Evil

State tourism secretary Stephanie Klett posted this on Facebook Wednesday:

Thank you Everyone!! I wanted to send this out so you hear it from me. I have been so touched by the out-pouring of support to keep me as Secretary of Tourism. The newspaper editorials, the petition, the letters of support and calls to Governor-elect Tony Evers. It has touched me to the core. The Governor-elect did not reach out to me though, and just named the new Secretary. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her but know she must be awesome. With the team in place and a state like no other, Wisconsin Tourism will continue to be marvelous! As for me – I am launching our 2019 Travel Wisconsin commercials for television & print at a press conference tomorrow, starring Donald Driver! And yes, Double D will be here! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. And remember – Long, Live Limburger!

Klett is only the best tourism secretary and one of the best promoters of this state in its history. And Evers threw her in the garbage, despite her never having done anything remotely partisan that I’m aware of, because Gaia forbid a Republican serve in a Democratic administration.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports on the first four toadies of the governor of Milwaukee and Madison:

Democratic Gov.-elect Tony Evers drew heavily from the state’s largest city in his first round of Cabinet appointees, a group of four prominent Milwaukee leaders he says will “connect the dots” and bring people together throughout the state.

“I’m seeking talent and I’m seeking people that can connect the dots and people that will work with the civil servants and others in their agency to provide the best services possible, and I’ll have a Cabinet that looks like the people of Wisconsin,” Evers told reporters and local officials gathered in the library of the MacDowell Montessori School. “We have a great start here.”
Joel Brennan, CEO of Milwaukee’s Discovery World Science and Technology Museum, was chosen to serve as secretary of the Department of Administration — one of state government’s most powerful roles. He served previously as executive director of the Redevelopment Authority of Milwaukee and as vice president of the Greater Milwaukee Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Brennan, who has campaign experience with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, praised Evers as someone who will restore faith in state government after years of citizens being “conditioned to expect too little from leaders in Madison.”
To lead the Department of Corrections, Evers has chosen U.S. Marshal Kevin Carr, a 30-year veteran of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.
Carr pledged to bring a “smart on crime” approach to the state’s criminal justice system, which ranks among the worst in the nation in racial disparities in incarceration. Carr said he and Evers share a commitment to maintaining public safety and offering effective, responsive resources to communities.
Carr also applauded the U.S. Senate’s passage this week of legislation that would overhaul the country’s criminal justice system and revise some sentencing laws, a move he said gives Wisconsin an “unprecedented opportunity” to move in a similar direction.
“Smart on crime” is Democrat-speak for letting criminals out of prison so they can reoffend, but gun owners are the real criminals.
In a move he said would “bring science back” to the Department of Natural Resources, Evers tapped Preston Cole, commissioner of the Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services, to head the agency.
Cole, who previously served as director of operations for Milwaukee’s Department of Public Works, was appointed to the state’s Natural Resources Board by Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle in 2007 and was reappointed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and elected chairman in 2013. He was the first African-American forester hired by the Missouri Department of Conservation.
“I’d like to double down on science in the epicenter of natural resource management,” Cole said Wednesday, referencing decisions under Walker’s administration to remove references to climate change from the DNR website. “Can I get an amen?”
Cole applauded Evers’ connection with Milwaukee, a city that voted overwhelmingly in his favor, and said his actions send a message “to everybody that resides in this state that Milwaukee continues to be important to this governor.”
Cole’s job is to return the DNR to what it previously was called — Damn Near Russia — and make sure no employer can add jobs in this state, because jobs harm the environment.
Evers also emphasized the importance of Milwaukee in his comments.
“The survival and the well-being of the city of Milwaukee absolutely drives what happens in the state of Wisconsin. It’s not that the rest of Wisconsin is irrelevant, but if we have a sound largest city in the state, class one city, we’ll have a sound, class one Wisconsin,” Evers said.
Put another way, if you live outside Milwaukee or Madison, Evers doesn’t give a damn about you, except for your tax dollars.

To lead the state’s tourism efforts, Evers has selected Sarah Meaney, chief marketing and development officer for Milwaukee Film. Meaney also recently served as managing director at the advertising agency BVK.
Evers’ choice for Secretary of Tourism comes after several Republican lawmakers and one Democrat sent the governor-elect a letter urging him to keep current secretary Stephanie Klett in the position.
“I look forward to working collaboratively with the leaders of our Legislature to make sure that all people of all walks of life feel welcomed, with the warm Wisconsin enthusiasm that we are so well-known for,” Meaney said.
And who is Meaney? Another left wing idiot about to start sucking up your tax dollars.

The next four years will be worse than you can possibly imagine.

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