A potential explanation for Nov. 6

David Blaska wrote a letter to the editor in the Wall Street Journal:

Gov. Scott Walker did indeed lose, as Allysia Finley suggests (“A Big Night for Democrats, but Not Progressives,” op-ed, Nov. 8) because he offered a “liberal-lite platform” of more spending on public schools, tax credits for child care, etc., that “failed to win over independents or energize conservatives to overcome huge Democratic turnout in” Madison and Milwaukee.

Not to go all Lee Atwater, but Gov. Walker could have stripped the bark off eventual winner Tony Evers. The Democrat ran the Department of Public Instruction for the last nine years. Where did he hold his big rally with Barack Obama two weeks before election day? At Milwaukee North Division high school—one of the city’s many failed public schools. Mr. Evers’s own department grades the school 22 in a 100-point system, a single star in a five-star system.

If he had his way, Mr. Evers would choke off Wisconsin’s school choice program. The TV spot writes itself: Tony Evers, wholly owned subsidiary of the teachers union, would keep 28,000 low-income, largely black and brown kids in awful schools.

Gov. Walker should have announced that he will take over Milwaukee’s failed public schools and appoint someone like Michelle Rhee as master, thereby claiming Milwaukee’s minority voters. Go bold or go home.


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