From Kavanaugh to Nov. 6

Erick Erickson:

Sarah Riggs Amico is the Democrat nominee for Lieutenant Governor in Georgia. Over the weekend, she began the closing argument for the Democrats in the State of Georgia. They need to vote Democrat because the Republican men are all potential sexual predators like Kavanaugh. It got caught on tape.

If you thought it was anomalous, it is not. The Democratic Party this morning held a press conference they said was designed “to highlight Brian Kemp’s record of failing to protect and support victims of rape and sexual assault.”

So to try to keep women fired up, they’re going to accuse all the Republican men of being sexual predators and all the Republican women of covering for the sexual predators and consenting to “rape culture” like they are with the attacks on Susan Collins.

We’ve got four more weeks of this. Republicans need to push back aggressively with mothers whose own children could be falsely accused of crimes.



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