The choice in November

Facebook Friend Gary Probst:

Mark Belling was saying what I’ve been saying about the polls showing Tony Evers ahead of Scott Walker. Are we so comfortable here in Wisconsin that we want some drama? We have THE strongest job growth of any state in the center of the nation. That’s even before the Foxconn hiring starts. So…..whassup Wisconsin? Want to go back to the pain of the Doyle days, with companies scrambling out of here, unemployment over 5%, taxes through the roof, bureaucrats expanding their dominions, businesses being treated like scum of the earth by state government and basically a sour, covetous and angry attitude toward everything?

This state has gone too far to go back to the old mess that Doyle had us in. Tommy Thompson’s reforms left him with a growing economy and a stabilized situation. Doyle made a mess of things. Now—-will history repeat itself??

Democrats have been okay for this state. I won’t say that Tony Earl or Pat Lucey were catastrophes. I even worked on Tony’s campaign, during my younger and more uninformed days. However, neither were far left socialists.

Lucey signed into law the manufacturing and equipment property tax exemption. He is the last Democratic governor in Wisconsin history to have done anything positive for Wisconsin businesses. Under Earl Wisconsin was literally the last state in the nation to recover from the early 1980s recession, and the state’s business climate was so poor that the term “business climate” entered the political debate for the first time.

Evers is worse than Doyle. Evers is a teachers union puppet and a career bureaucrat who believes we all need to register our guns (first stage of confiscation), that we simply cannot spend enough money on teacher salaries and that we must raise taxes with impunity. Make sense?

This is Bernie Sanders lite!

It’s bad enough that I have to be represented by uber-leftist Tammy Baldwin in Washington. Do I have to watch this state go from a place I am extremely proud of—to a socialist nightmare?

Vote in November. Milwaukee already has early voting, giving the left a long-term recruitment period. Want Milwaukee governing this state? How are they doing? They successful?

Rally people. Don’t assume Walker wins by default. There is a real threat. Get out and support him and also vote for Leah to at least make Baldwin run for her money. God help us, if things go the wrong way.

We already know what happens if “things go the wrong way.” The last two years of Doyle’s administration featured complete control by Democrats in Madison, resulting in a $2 billion tax increase, every kind of budget deficit possible, and a crashed Wisconsin economy. Evers is already committing to multiple billion-dollar tax increases (ending $1 billion in property tax credits, allowing school districts to spend $1.75 billion more per year, repealing Act 10) merely to throw more money at his buddies in the teacher unions.


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