When your enemy works for your campaign

State Rep. Travis Tranel (R–Cuba City) was one of many people who posted this example of Walker Derangement Syndrome this weekend:

As Madison’s Isthmus put it …

As Madison continues to battle flooding, filled sandbags at Tenney Park this morning. An Elizabeth Street resident used Walker’s appearance in Madison to remind the governor about climate change.

Is this a political photo op? Of course it is, but at least Walker was contributing something to the flood efforts. Sign Boy behind him was not.

As for the argument here … someone who knows history might observe that Madison was carved out of a swamp around lakes Mendota and Monona. Someone who grew up in the People’s Republic of Madison and left because of imbeciles like Sign Boy might also note the irony of that sign considering that Madison is a classic case of making your own environment worse yet more flood-prone by covering up said swamps with concrete, asphalt and the impermeable surfaces that make up buildings, and by sucking up wetlands and farmlands to build more buildings.

And someone who observes politics might observe that Sign Boy isn’t likely to make anyone vote for Tony Evers, but he probably will push more turnout among conservatives for Walker and other Republicans.


One thought on “When your enemy works for your campaign

  1. Yep, climate change has been occurring for over 3.5 B years. Nitwits like the sign holder apparently never had any classes in the subject.

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