Shorter version: Grow up

Sarah Hoyt writes to worshipers of both The Donald and his predecessor:

The President is not your daddy. Do I really have to say this? To supposed adults? To people qualified to vote in a democratic republic? There are two items I came across this week that seem to indicate that indeed I do. No one ever taught these people to reason their way out of a paper bag, or even told them why they should.

Instead, they were given a set of beliefs that define “good people” and if they stop believing in those things, they are “bad people.”

I’d say these are not adults in any sense of the word, but that’s not exactly true.  Throughout most of the history of our species, adults had a set of beliefs it was best not to question, whether it be “our tribe is better than the next tribe” or “we have to eliminate all the suede-eaters” or even “this is how we tie our glurk and display our brek” because humans are tribal, and displaying your tribal loyalty has been way more important than actually being, you know, rational and asking if things really work that way for… most of history.

The problem is that we’re not in a society (or societies if you extend this to all of Western civilization) that can survive this kind of quasi-religious denial of logical thought.  We’re not in a society (or societies) that can hold on tight to the idea that all cultures are the same, when, say, the Oktoberfest is being cancelled throughout many cities in Germany because migrants can’t get it across their heads that a woman not covered like a sofa is NOT, in fact, asking to be raped. We’re not in a society that can survive voters being misinformed by the high priests of the leftist religion on the nature of good and evil either, or the nature of the presidency. But that is the society we live in and misinformation is rife.

See, when you remove rationality and true research and information as a way of forming your opinion, and instead you know in your heart of hearts you have to believe a set of precepts to be a “good person,” you are not fit to live in a representative republic, or to have your vote counted.

But in our society, your vote does count. And chances are you’re not shy about displaying your infantilization on Twitter either.  Note this, with name not removed because this person tweeted it for all the world to see.

Note this person has 495 retweets and 1858 likes for something that’s not just absolutely nonsensical but ridiculous and should be shameful for any free and thinking adult to proclaim.

This person thinks Obama was her father? Why? First of all, she could not have lit on a worse person than the child-president, himself forever ready to act like a peevish adolescent to be her “daddy.” Second, seriously  You want the president to be your father? Why? He’s the executive of the republic at the federal level, a level that should be remote enough from your everyday life that you really have very little contact with him. (Yeah, sure, the feds have been getting their noses in everything. But they’re not supposed to.)  Third, sure thing, some of the functions of the president, like the power to direct the military, are supposed to be protective and therefore “father like” but then again, Obama was remarkably reluctant to protect anyone, so why this attachment to him as “daddy?”

The last time I was on Wisconsin Public Radio, my opponent kept referring to her favored politicians by their first name. The only time I would ever refer to a politician by his or her first name is because I was speaking to them directly.


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