On Star Wars (“May the Fourth be With You”) Day

I will be on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Ideas Network’s The Morning Show Week in Review Friday at 8 a.m.

The Morning Show and all the other Ideas Network programming (including my favorite, Old Time Radio Drama Saturdays and Sundays from 8 to 11 p.m.) can be heard on WHA (970 AM) and W300BM (107.9 FM) in Madison, W215AQ (90.9 FM) in Middleton, WLBL (930 AM) in Auburndale, WHID (88.1 FM) in Green Bay, WHWC (88.3 FM) in Menomonie, WRFW (88.7 FM) in River Falls, WEPS (88.9 FM) in Elgin, Ill., WHAA (89.1 FM) in Adams, WHBM (90.3 FM) in Park Falls, WHLA (90.3 FM) in La Crosse, WRST (90.3 FM) in Oshkosh, WHAD (90.7 FM) in Delafield, W215AQ (90.9 FM) in Middleton, KUWS (91.3 FM) in Superior, WHHI (91.3 FM) in Highland, WSHS (91.7 FM) in Sheboygan, WHDI (91.9 FM) in Sister Bay, WLBL (91.9 FM) in Wausau, W275AF (102.9 FM) in Ashland, and of course online at www.wpr.org.

You are reading this one day before my appearance, which gives The Donald one day to do something for us to talk about.

In addition to Star Wars Day, Friday is National Password Day. Saturday is, paradoxically, Cinco de Mayo and National Hoagie Day. Sunday is National Nurses Day, National Tourist Appreciation Day (for those who live in tourism areas all year and thus deal with tourism traffic, I guess), and National No Diet Day. (That’s every day for me.)

Friday is one day after the anniversary of National Public Radio in 1971 and our oldest son’s 18th birthday, which means that as of today (or, more precisely, 7:02 p.m.) there are now three adults in the house, though one is an adult/teenager, or teenadult, or something.



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