Scott Walker and the (insert current number here) Dwarfs

As of this moment, the list from the state Elections Commission of Democrats running for their party’s nomination for governor:

  • Michelle Doolan of Cross Plains. (She reportedly dropped out, though she’s still officially listed as a candidate.)
  • Andrew Lust of Madison. (Don’t know who he is, but maybe he could use Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” as his theme song.)
  • Andy Gronik of Fox Point. (Who, despite running for office for the first time, has mastered the art of answering the question he wants to question instead of the question he’s been asked.)
  • Jefferson Carpenter of Madison.
  • State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D–Alma).
  • Dave Heasler of Fort Atkinson.
  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers.
  • Former state Rep. Brett Hulsey of Middleton.
  • State Rep. Dana Wachs (D–Eau Claire).
  • Jared William Landry of La Farge.
  • Robert Harlow of Madison.
  • Ramona Rose Whiteaker of Stoughton.
  • Jeffrey Rumbaugh of Madison.
  • Mike “Blue Jean Nation” McCabe of Madison.
  • Former state Democratic Party chairman Matt Flynn of Milwaukee.
  • Milwaukee firefighters’ union head Mahlon Mitchell, who lives in Fitchburg.
  • State Rep. Kelda Helen Roys (D–Madison).
  • Madison Mayor Paul Soglin.

One would think 17 candidates for one party’s nomination for governor would be enough. But you’d be wrong.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

He has more than $600,000 in his campaign account. The competition is weak and frayed. And the job is one he has long coveted.

Yep, Mayor Tom Barrett is thinking about running for governor.

For a fourth time.

Sources confirmed this week that the fourth-term mayor has been sounding out his team of advisers about entering the Democratic primary for governor later this year. If he runs, he would need to submit his nomination papers by June 1.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Tom’s thinking about it,” said one longtime Barrett confidant. “And people are talking to Tom.”

But not everyone on the left is thrilled with the possibility of another matchup between Barrett and Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Walker beat the Milwaukee Democrat in 2010 and 2012. Barrett also lost in the Democratic primary in 2002 to then-Attorney General Jim Doyle.

I’m not surprised “not everyone on the left is thrilled” with Barrett’s running. The Harold Stassen of Wisconsin gubernatorial politics is not only 0 for 3 running for governor, his biggest accomplishment as mayor (beyond getting reelected) is …

… his walking-speed downtown trolley, which has sucked up millions of dollars that could have been used instead to, say, fix lead pipes, or hire more police to deal with Milwaukee’s worst-in-the-state crime, violent crime and homicide rates.

Barrett is also the mayor of the city with one of the worst school systems in the nation. Mayors in Wisconsin don’t control schools, but Barrett could have sought mayoral control of Milwaukee Public Schools, and the Legislature would have given him that authority yesterday.

If he runs, Barrett will not be candidate number 18. That honor, if that’s what you want to call it, belongs to …

Dem Gubernatorial candidate Mike Crute, Crute for Wisconsin, has released his campaign launch video today, “We’re All Badgers”.  Crute describes his Wisconsin story, and explains why politics has become so personal for him.  Crute offers a bold new choice for Wisconsinites – good governance.  

Crute is a successful entrepreneur, voted Shepard Express-Milwaukee’s Best Local Entrepreneur 2017 for his launch of Resistance Radio, WRRD 1510 AM Waukesha/Milwaukee.  

Crute has also successfully owned/operated CCL Management in Middleton for a decade. 

Crute has personally invested and collateralized $1,000,000, inclusive of SBA financing, in providing a platform for independent political talk radio.

Crute also contracts the right to simulcast all programming on WTTN 1580 AM Columbus/Madison, with combined signals covering 2/3 of the Democratic voters in Wisconsin.

Crute is an honorably discharged veteran of the Army National Guard, having joined the military eight days after Iraq invaded Kuwait.  Crute served as a Medical Specialist/91 – a “combat medic”, earning his civilian EMT certification.  No overseas tours.

Crute has been co-host of The Devil’s Advocates, a Wisconsin-centric, dynamic political talk show known for its humor and bi-partisan guest list.  Friends of the show span the political spectrum from Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin to Republican Senator Ron Johnson. …

“As a businessman on Main Street, we don’t ask if our customers and clients are Democratic or Republican, we do business as neighbors.  It is time to end the dividing and conquering of Wisconsin. 

We’re All Badgers, let’s start acting like it,” Crute says.

That news release strikes one as more an advertisement for his radio station than for actually standing for something. I would be interested in knowing what his definition is of “good governance”  is (let’s see — sharply increasing taxes and regulation, collective bargaining and strike rights for government employees, and imprisonment of all conservatives — that sounds about right for him), but the question is whether or not he will get more votes than his radio station’s frequency number. (1510.)

Maybe Crute deserves 1 percent more respect than the 17 other candidates since he’s in business. On the other hand, he’s in the liberal media business (as someone on Facebook put it, because he must have enough money to waste it), so never mind that. That would also assume that Mary Burke should have gotten more respect four years ago. She got the respect she deserved — none.



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