A top 10 of speed on the screen

One of the media trends facilitated by social media is a list of the top _____ of ______.

While top ___ lists have been around since mass media, late night TV host David Letterman probably gets credit for popularizing them.

I have recently seen a couple of top 10 lists about car movies, or movies where cars play a prominent role. I somewhat agree with one and not the one I can’t find.

Letterman was trying to be funny. Others try to be insightful or merely controversial, since each obviously is merely one opinion and not (usually) based on anything close to objectivity. My list is based on my own subjective opinion of the vehicles involved, along with if a non-car-buff can watch without being bored into slumber.

Anyway, here is my top 10 ist of car movies, which does not include several worthy honorable mention selections, such as “Mad Max” and “The Road Warrior,” “Le Mans,” “Grand Prix” (no, those are not two movies about Pontiacs), “Live and Let Die” (in fact one could do an entire list of James Bond movies rated by car chase), “The Driver,” “To Live and Die in L.A.,” “The Transporter,” and so on.

Number 10:

This was a better movie than “Cannonball Run,” which consisted of fine cars, but not very fine acting.

Number 9:

Not the Nicholas Cage remake.

Number 8:

We didn’t include Reynolds’ “Cannonball Run,” but we will include this because it combines cool car scenes with a compelling story of brotherly revenge. Ned Beatty did a great job as a malevolent redneck sheriff. The sequel, “Gator,” lacks the car chases, though it does have a boat chase.

Number 7:

This might be the best movie overall of this list. The cars are cool, and so is the music for those who grew up in that age. (For those unaware: The ’55 Chevy the future Han Solo crashes in a drag race was the repainted car in “Two Lane Blacktop” of two years earlier.)

Number 6:

Not the Mark Wahlberg remake.

Number 5:

Reynolds returns. (The sequels are not worth your time, however.)

Number 4:

Not the Viggo Mortenson remake.

Number 3:

Number 2:

And the number 1 car movie of all time according to myself:

The greatest car chase of all time, plus young Jacqueline Bisset, oily politician Robert Vaughn, a compelling story, a fantastic Lalo Schifrin soundtrack, and the greatest car chase of all time.



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