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Apparently on CBS-TV’s “60 Minutes,” porn actor Stormy Daniels detailed the extramarital relationship she claimed to have had with Donald Trump.

The first observation is that Trump is a piker on the adultery front compared with previous presidents, including, in the 21st century, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt and …

At the time of Slick Willie’s “bimbo eruptions” (his campaign’s term, not mine) we were all lectured by his supporters that sex is a private matter. (From people who supported Clinton because of his position on abortion rights, which in turn was perhaps a matter of convenience to avoid lifelong consequences of his dalliances.) An entire liberal organization,, was created that strangely didn’t go away after Clinton left office.

Trump’s most ardent supporters counter with arguments like this:

In my previous life as a business magazine editor I wrote that if someone — say, Bubba — were willing to violate the vows he makes to his spouse, in front of God and public, on what else could he be trusted? (Republicans may find that out if November’s elections go badly.) The question is as valid today as 20 years ago. It is a question of trustworthiness as well as character, or lack thereof.

There is hypocrisy all over the place, of course. A Los Angeles Times contributor wrote about JFK’s dalliances and then excused them on the grounds of Kennedy’s being (in his opinion) a better president. My favorite Founding Father, Ben Franklin, could be claimed to be a Founding Father in more ways than one.

Some of Trump’s most ardent supporters have been voters who consider themselves evangelicals. Their support can best be summarized in the imperative for political power, in contrast with Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, who along with his apparatchiks quite clearly hated (and hates) conservatives. The phrase “by any means necessary” comes to mind.

There is a difference between what a president does before the White House (Trump) and what a president does in the White House (Kennedy and Clinton). But no parent should want his or her male or female children to think cheating on their spouses is OK.

This issue would matter less if Americans did not treat presidents and other politicians as celebrities and exemplars. Trump is the anti-Obama and the counter-Obama. Worshiping politicians is a moral failure.

Meanwhile, to prove that life is stranger than fiction, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

Stormy Daniels is headed to Wisconsin as part of a national tour that has expanded in the wake of allegations she had a 2006 affair with President Donald Trump.

The porn star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, announced a string of new dates Monday, including June 8 at Silk Exotic in the Madison area and June 9 at Silk Exotic in Milwaukee.

“We’ve had her before in the past and, obviously, with all the controversy we decided to bring her back,” said Jon Ferraro, president and chief executive officer of Silk Exotic.

“It will be interesting,” Ferraro added. “It will be packed, I think.”

Ferraro said Daniels is booked for two shows nightly at both locations at 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. There will be a cover charge.

Ferraro said he doesn’t know how much Daniels will be able to discuss about her alleged connection to Trump. But normally, after she performs she signs autographs for patrons.

One wonders how closely Madison and Milwaukee media plan to cover this in June.


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