Questions to ask your gun-banning friends

This was posted on the Facebook Not the Best of the Web Today page:

The following line of reasoning applies to any enumerated right in the Bill of Rights – just substitute them for “firearms”.

Any person who says they don’t want to “take your guns away”, they simply want to ban this “military style assault weapon” or that “military style assault weapon” is a liar.

I’ve had this discussion with anti-gun people for decades.
I usually ask one or more of these questions:

– Have you ever fired a pistol, shotgun, or rifle?

Most haven’t.

– Can you describe for me the difference between a fully automatic weapon and a semi-automatic weapon?

About a quarter can, half get close, but the other half have no idea of the difference.

– Does a sound suppressor make a firearm deadlier?
Most think it does and like in the movies, renders a shot totally silent (like in the movies) – it doesn’t.

– Can you define for me what makes something military “style” and why the style makes it more evil and deadly than a non-military “style” weapon?

Most can’t. They usually describe features that have nothing to do with the operation of the weapon.

– Can you define for me what makes a firearm an “assault weapon”?

Other than how it looks and how many rounds are in the magazine, they generally can’t – other than to incorrectly state that the AR-15 is “exactly like” what is issued to the military. It isn’t.

– Is there special training needed to use what you call a “military style assault weapon”?

Generally, they think there is, that there is something different in the operation of an AR-15 type that the general gun owner just can’t do without special training.

– The military issues semi-automatic pistols and shotguns in designs readily available to the public, should those “military grade” weapons be banned as well?

– Does banning a single type of firearm used in a small percentage of homicides (less than 1%) mean you are OK with murder, you just want to reduce it by 1 percent?

Nobody has said no to the first and then yes to the second one.

– How does preventing any responsible, legal firearms owner from possessing any type of firearm stop an irresponsible, criminal possessor from committing a crime with any firearm?

This last one is the kicker – because they can’t answer this one without admitting that their real agenda is to ban all guns.

When they realize that I have worked them into a position of realization that they don’t really know what they want to ban, that the words they are using have so little meaning to mean anything, and I’ve induced them state their true desire – that they do want to ban all guns – they will either say that is correct or not say anything at all.

I have another question you can ask your acquaintance who actually wants to ban all guns: Why are you afraid of guns?

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