When protesters are wrong

Richard Kelsey has nothing good to say about yesterday’s National Walkout Day walker-outers:

If your child has cut class today to join a left-wing national walkout movement in protest of the Bill of Rights, you have failed as a parent.  You are either Constitutionally ignorant or you are a partisan zealot who has misinformed the same kid you can’t trust to make his or her bed.

Most American adults are so misinformed about the Constitution, it is frightening. Now, we are to believe their kids are the policy wonks and Bill of Rights experts this country has been missing for a few hundred years.

The only net positive about the walkout today is that in many areas, kids are leaving failed government schools that ration to them misinformation. Gleeful parents are posting on social media their pride for their kids standing up to be heard.

Here’s a surprise … I might think the kids silly and the parents stupid, but I do support the right of people to be silly and stupid. That doesn’t mean I support the right of kids to break the rules.  Nor do I support school districts improperly endorsing an anti-Bill of Rights protest by letting kids off the hook for cutting class.

It means that if protesting your own Second Amendment, Bill of Rights is so important to you, then I support you doing it.  And, I support the schools enforcing their disciplinary rules against every student.

Yes … this should go on your permanent record.

The best lesson of the day isn’t that Americans are ill-informed about the Second Amendment and the causes of gun violence by broken humans raised in broken homes generated by a decaying, left-wing society. The best lesson is that actions have consequences.

If you want to “make a stand,” and “stick it to the man,” then your stand is meaningless if no price is to be paid.

Government schools have no right to endorse or excuse kids engaged in political dissent that breaks the rules, no matter the popularity of the event. Indeed, public schools have an obligation to enforce their rules scrupulously without regard to the political message or intent.

You think this is harsh? You probably think the Second Amendment is for the police and military too.  My guess is, like your kids in the street, you are wholly ignorant of the Second Amendment and you have bought into the myths and false explanations of it.

Inform yourselves. While you are at it, inform your kids. Someone must since they cut school today.

America … the enemy of your children is you. An uninformed populace incapable of critical thought, desperate to cede to the government its most important fundamental right, is a danger to liberty and the civil society.

If you want to stop mass shootings and gun violence, raise kids in stable, educated, loving homes with two compassionate, informed, unselfish parents.

Guns don’t have anger issues, mental health issues, suicidal tendencies, psychotic breaks, or sociopathic tendencies … people do.  And they grow worse in a decaying culture of immorality, indecency, divorce, and fatherlessness.

Get out and protest the culture you built.


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