Whose protest?

James Wigderson notes today:

In case you’re not aware, today is Pi Day, or March 14th, or 3.14. Those of you who didn’t skip math class to go protest will remember that Pi, or π, is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, or π=c/d. The circumference of a circle it 2πr and the area of a circle is πr² which is really funny because everyone knows pies are round.

It’s an old joke, and I’m sure the Ancient Greeks thought it was funny. It’s like the little acorn in math class who suddenly exclaims, “Gee, I’m a tree!” Sound it out a couple of times, and then tell your kids that one.

I know where my daughter is today because today is the day parents can join their kids for lunch at school. And given a long experience with school cafeterias, I am definitely bringing my own lunch. (It’s a school so I won’t be bringing the WC Fields special.) 

Unfortunately, in so many other schools, kids are being transported to little protest spots to be props for Democrats seeking to make gun control an issue. In Madison, the high school kids are being transported from West, Lafollette and Memorial High Schools to East High School by bus so they then can go march on the Capitol.

But we know it’s a spontaneous uprising of the kids, right? Because so many of them have the wherewithal and credit cards necessary to charter buses.

Governor Scott Walker, wisely, will be out of the Capitol today at a bill signing. And state Senate Republicans are meeting behind closed doors today to actually work on a real school safety plan, not the result of a hyped-up tantrum that’ll be thrown outside the Capitol today.

In other words, the grownups are working. Some are working at manipulating kids for their own ends, while others are actually working today to solve the state’s problems.

The losers today are the children who get to be used as political props and then miss a day of school. They’re going to learn the wrong lessons. Instead of learning about math, or even about the life of Dr. Stephen Hawking, they’re going to learn that as long as they throw a tantrum, adults will pretend to listen. The media that’s covering these student protests as legitimate are doing the kids no favors, either.

There is no wisdom to be found in adolescence, nor in indulging the adolescents. Wisdom is found in reason, experience and listening, something Wisconsin’s Democrats haven’t learned since they began their tantrum in 2011.

One thought on “Whose protest?

  1. Mr W. Was writing an astute piece until the end. Tantrums, etc, really Mr W.? The news pieces I saw, including on your beloved Fox, showed intelligence gentle,organized concern of gun violence in our schools! I am tired of your one sided dry, rhetoric, when it comes to the problems of violence, and gun safety! I hope to see legitimate proposals from Mr Walkers

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