Business and guns

Dick’s Sporting Goods announced yesterday:

Facebook Friend Nathan Schacht sums up his opinion:

I don’t care if Dick’s is stopping their sales of AR-15s. Here’s why.
1) I go to Dicks about once every 2-3 months, I had no idea they sold guns. None. Can’t miss what you didn’t know existed, right?
2) The only thing I’ve ever bought from Dicks is clothing, all their other gear is outrageously overpriced, pricing I assume was applied to the guns I didn’t know they sold.
3) They are a private company and the can do what they want.
4) Do yourself a favor and get your guns from your local gun store, they could use the money more than Dicks anyways (and it’s safe to assume they have pretty prices), and they are on the front line standing up for your 2A rights, offering CCW and gun training classes and are you neighbors.

Nathan’s point number three is certainly correct. So is point number four. (Shop local!)

Walmart followed by announcing it was raising its age for firearms and ammunition purchases to 21, which means that according to Dick’s and Walmart you can defend and die for your country at 18, but you can’t buy a gun.

Dick’s focus, moreover, on alleged “assault weapons” is misguided. Consider:

And Dick’s management’s claim to support the Second Amendment is proven a lie by its support of infringing the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners, while literally nothing Dick’s espouses will stop the next school shooting. It is yet another appeal based on emotions and not fact or logic.

Meanwhile, another Facebook Friend posted this list, whose veracity (including its definition of “anti-gun”) I cannot verify:

When someone or something bashes the NRA (for instance, members of my church Sunday), they are bashing the NRA’s members, for whom Second Amendment issues are very close to the top of their political priorities. NRA members specifically and gun owners vote, at the ballot box and with their wallets.


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