On the air everywherer

For those curious about the British pronunciation of “Prestegard,” my BBC World Service Newshour radio appearances are online — Tuesday recorded Steve and Wednesday live Steve (at 10 and 39 minutes).

(I recorded segments for BBC 4’s The World Tonight, but they didn’t get on the air. Oh, well.) The chaps from the Beeb love Culver’s, by the way.)

Now that I have made my first transatlantic media appearance (except perhaps for the games of a hockey player born in Moscow, and Russia’s not exactly transatlantic, is it?), and because I’m announcing two basketball games Friday night here, it is time for me to make an appearance on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Ideas Network’s The Morning Show Week in Review Friday at 8 a.m. (Central time in the U.S.)

My opponent is Bill Lueders of the Progressive Media Project and the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council. Despite our highly fractious joint appearance during Recallarama, we have gotten along after, you know, meeting each other in person. I assume Bill will be in the studio. In an effort to improve the broadcast quality, WPR is going to have me appear via Skype, as opposed to cellphone. The radio stations for which I announce games has similarly improved their sound quality by going from phone to this nifty tech … when it works. If I say it’s worked for great broadcast quality so far, of course it won’t work Friday night, so I’m not going to write that.

Whether I come to listeners via Skype, cellphone, landline or two cans tied together by a string, The Morning Show and all the other Ideas Network programming (including my favorite, Old Time Radio Drama Saturdays and Sundays from 8 to 11 p.m.) can be heard on WHA (970 AM) and W300BM (107.9 FM) in Madison, W215AQ (90.9 FM) in Middleton, WLBL (930 AM) in Auburndale, WHID (88.1 FM) in Green Bay, WHWC (88.3 FM) in Menomonie, WRFW (88.7 FM) in River Falls, WEPS (88.9 FM) in Elgin, Ill., WHAA (89.1 FM) in Adams, WHBM (90.3 FM) in Park Falls, WHLA (90.3 FM) in La Crosse, WRST (90.3 FM) in Oshkosh, WHAD (90.7 FM) in Delafield, W215AQ (90.9 FM) in Middleton, KUWS (91.3 FM) in Superior, WHHI (91.3 FM) in Highland, WSHS (91.7 FM) in Sheboygan, WHDI (91.9 FM) in Sister Bay, WLBL (91.9 FM) in Wausau, W275AF (102.9 FM) in Ashland, and of course online at www.wpr.org.

The biggest thing besides my media appearances, of course, is that Friday is Groundhog Day, in which should a designated rodent (Jimmy the Groundhog in Sun Prairie, presumably despite his biting the mayor last year, and Punxsutawney Phil elsewhere) see his shadow (and sun is in the forecast Friday morning), we will be cursed with six more weeks of winter. Of course, we Wisconsinites are cursed with six to 12 weeks of winter anyway. Nevertheless that reminded me of what I wanted to do back when I had commercial radio ambitions — report that Jimmy had seen his shadow to predict six more weeks of winter, followed by a dramatic live report (in the manner of Les Nessman) that Jimmy had been assassinated.

If Groundhog Day doesn’t impress you, Friday is also Hedgehog Day, Marmot Day, Candlemas, Crêpe Day, Bubble Gum Day, Heavenly Hash Day (for the ice cream, not hash browns or hashish), Tater Tot Day, Sled Dog Day and National Wear Red Day. Saturday is St. Blase Day (and given how much announcing I’m doing the next few weeks maybe I should get a throat blessing), Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, and The Day the Music Died. Sunday is Create a Vacuum Day. I’d mention that Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, except that Packer fans don’t care.


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