Of s—holes

Three of my right-thinking Facebook Friends have the correct, though dissimilar, perspectives that don’t sink into virtue-signaling about the latest effort by Donald Trump to get the media to report four-letter words (assuming he said what is claimed he said).

First, Gary Probst:

Ya know, I’ve been trying very hard to stay out of this whole s-hole thing but I just can’t. When people blindly defend Trump’s every action, it is quite disgusting. I’m sorry if you want to unfriend me, but truth is truth and light is light. I prefer to speak truth and light.

Now, we’ll never know for sure if Trump said this or if its Durbin lying again. We won’t. Nobody will play it straight and be honest with us. This is politics, after all.

However, Trump’s mouth has been much more than just “plain speaking”. It has been rude, crude and vile—-quite a few times. When you act badly, people are going to find it much easier to believe it when accused a second time.

To shows photos of Haiti after an earthquake or hurricane and then say, “look, it IS a s-hole country” is just downright wrong and borderline despicable. The government there may be S— but are the people?? If you believe that, consider what Jesus would say. Would he agree? Would you agree with Jesus or Trump, or are they one and the same to you?

I never liked Trump but I appreciate the economic benefits he has helped to create. I have given him credit, when earned. However, do not think for one minute this man is anything like Reagan. I met Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan loved people. He had a warm and open heart. He believed in elevating people and expecting the best from them. Ronald Reagan, even in a secluded place, would never have said something of that nature. Do you truly believe Donald Trump would not?

Harry Truman was “plain spoken”. Reagan was “plain spoken”. Abe Lincoln was “plain spoken”. LBJ and Trump—vile in their profanity and attitudes. If Hillary Clinton had said this, we’d be all over her and refuting her. She has, in fact, degraded others in this fashion and conservatives have called her out on it. That’s good. That’s proper.

However, only a few decades have passed since people from places like Ireland and Italy were considered to have come from S-hole nations. Watch “Gangs of New York”. The Butcher was a real character in Five Points. The movie was based on truth.

So, when you allow the attitude that any nation is a S-hole nation, you are calling the people of that nation such. Really?

There are cultures I have spoken up against. I’m not impressed with the voodoo and satanic worship that goes on in Haiti. However, its not everybody there and much is based upon ignorance and centuries of suffering. I am not a fan of Islam, after actually taking the time to read their holy book. Yet, not all people in places like Iran are S–people. Again,, they are victims of ignorance, suffering and oppression.

When you rush to the defense of somebody of Trump’s ilk, you may want to think about what Jesus of Nazareth would have said or be saying, right now. WWJD? In his time, the Romans considered his land a S—hole nation, too.

Well … Truman apparently used that N-word considerably often as well, though Truman desegregated the military when it didn’t necessarily benefit his party. Johnson got the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed and crowed that it would have blacks (and he didn’t use that word) voting Democratic for 200 years.

Next, Rick Esenberg:

Writing at American Greatness, Roger Kimball argues that Trump’s s***hole comments state a truth that our public sanctimony refuses to acknowledge. Some countries are awful places, America has no obligation to accept anyone and evertyone that wants to escape them and that immigrants from these countries – because of the ways in which these countries are broken – are less likely to do well here. He’s got a point. But while I’m all for exploring the limits of sanctimony, there is usually some reason that we’ve become sanctimonious. We don’t want to be indifferent to the problems of the rest of the world and we don’t want to slip into making easy judgments about others based on their race and nationality. And we want a President who takes care not to do these things. Words matter. Clarity and care in thinking matter. The “Trump is a racist threat to people of color” reaction to this is overblown and occasionally bordering on hysteria. But Trump did screw up. Again. And these screw-ups matter. He needs to understand that the first thing that comes to his mind often needs to be rethought. The Trumo administration has done some great things. The economy is booming, ISIS is in tatters and much (although not all) of the worst things that the Obama administration did are being reversed. We might actually be about to do something sensible about immigration. Yet his approval ratings are horrible. There’s a reason for that.

Finally, Michael Smith:

Let me state for the record that I am neither shocked or offended by a President – any President – who uses a profane word or phrase during a meeting. It’s done – I’ve done it – it may not be civil or appropriate but it happens. What also happens is that the same words are rarely used with the greater population of the office or company.

It is not unusual for a member of the meeting, one opposed to the discussion or decision, to continue to shop his or her grievances to the general population in search of sympathy and/or support.

Now, if Trump rolled such a phrase or word during a televised meeting with world leaders or at the SOTU address, that would be concerning to me.

Aside from the “hair on fire” reactions of the Democrats, their enablers in media and the NeverTrump factions, I’m nonplussed (can you actually be “plussed”?) and pretty sanguine about the whole deal. To the leaders of the UN, Mexico, the African states, the Middle Eastern regimes and Haiti, my responses to you all are:

1. Well? What part of “shithole” is wrong?
2. Why aren’t you upset your people are fleeing your country?
3. Have you ever asked yourself why refugees come FROM your country?
4. Fix your own damn problems before you start criticizing America – Americans aren’t flooding your shores and begging for asylum in your countries.

From a deeper perspective, the sum total of this ridiculous affray is the confirmation that Democrats believe every other people are better than Americans, and that American are the only humans on earth who should be criticized. Their words (and actions) clearly indicate a preference for any non-citizen over any citizen and they would never go the the lengths to protect an American citizen of any race, creed or color the way they do citizens of other countries.

Democrats are most assuredly the “Party of the People” – as long as “the people” are from another country.


3 thoughts on “Of s—holes

  1. Steve,wow! Amazing comments, and one of the respondents is not so amazing! Part of my heritage is from a previously shole status country,.Ireland.
    So,Mr. Smith, if Democrats are “the party of the people,”. What does that make the new, formerly grand old party? I am a recovering Republican, or independent. Looking for legit, hard working politicians, not thise that are beholden to the few, and wealthy I might add, which knocks out people on both sides of the aisle! The party system is not working any more! We need the a British or “block”. System possibly to open up representation. I am rambling…
    I guess I think the leader of our country should exhibit class, manners and be polite, something I don’T see in the current administration. I believe we should have systems for immigration, and some people do not have the qualities (criminal, for example), that we need in this country. Mr.smuth is right, in saying why do people leave their respective countries? That is why we help other countries! I had a conservative friend state, “haveHaiti return their money we gave them? No
    Mention of wasteful
    Spending, defense waste, health waste and pork barreling!!!! Any way, we need immigration process! Not racist, mysoginy. And we should pressure countries that don”t have their “S+^€”. Together!!!! Mitch

    1. You can’t help countries that won’t help themselves. We have poured aid into Mexico for 50 years and yet they don’t even make an attempt to clean up their government or control their northern border (they sure as hell do control their southern one). Most of the aid we give is not to make these countries better, it is to keep them from getting worse.
      I don’t disagree with your point the parties are both rotten but the Democrats openly campaign against American citizens. To your point about “blocks” – our constitution does not allow for a parliamentary system like the UK – but having lived in the UK for an extended period of time, I can tell you that if you want a real mess, that’s the way to go.
      Oh – Utah is my nom de plume, I am the Mr. Smith of whom you write.

      1. No problem, as we Irish say, we can disagree agreeably! You still didn’t tell me what the new order of the Republican Party stands for? They had me through Bush I, then they lost me! The Democrats are the party of the people, what is the Republican Party? What About all the wasteful government spending, starting with the hippo, or elephant in the room, Defense? I agree, maybe we should revisit how we send our money in supporting countries! We have gotten lots of workers fromMexico!

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