Oprah’s “truth”

And now a message from Brittany Hughes to Oprah Winfrey:

There’s also an inconvenient fact …

… that you’ll notice that the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee didn’t bring up Sunday night.

The person who posted this photo said:

I liked Oprah’s speech. I like her and it was good. She’s a talented and brilliant woman and as gifted a communicator as I’ve ever seen.

But do you know what would have been a great speech at the Golden Globes?

I would have enjoyed a beloved American icon making much of the audience incredibly uncomfortable and causing them to squirm in their seats, making many of them angry and defensive.

I would have liked to see normal Americans watching start tweeting or texting their friends saying “Holy shit! Turn on the Golden Globes now!!”

I would have liked to hear that person call Hollywood and all the perpetrators and enablers out for accepting and embracing a culture that perpetuated sexual harassment/discrimination/assault for years and years and years.

I would have liked to hear that person call out the media generally and Hollywood/entertainment media specifically for knowing it was going on and killing stories about it. And calling out the powerful filmmakers and studios and talent agencies for threatening to ice the media out if they published or ran those ugly, but important stories about powerful big money people and institutions.

I would have liked to hear that person call the whole Hollywood machine out for their sanctimonious, holier-than-thou attitudes and their preaching to normal, working Americans when it was the world they champion and glorify that was as much as anything at the center of all the reprehensible ugliness.

And if I were writing the speech, I’d give a forward-looking, upbeat, optimistic closing that that laid out that forgiveness and redemption was possible and should be pursued – and offering a path to demonstrate it through real actions and meaningful change in attitudes and practices.

That would have been great. It would make a hell of a movie! A lot better than “La La Land.”


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