The Trump what-if

Mike Schoeffler asks:

Is it possible the empire has no clothes?

We’ve known Donald Trump since the Eighties. A pompous, egotistical jerk, obsessed with marble, gilt, and pretty ladies. A first-class BS artist, complete with multiple bankruptcies and a “reality” TV show. The Donald.

We were all surprised when he upended a deep Republican bench. And stunned when he won the presidency. But he also kind of felt like the president we deserved, after years of “baseless hatred”.

It’s now a year later. The economy is booming, our enemies fear us again, and stifling regulations are being removed.

Trump may actually be exactly the right unpresidential boor to strip off the veneer of unreality that is poisoning us.
1) Wishing Mexicans a happy Cinco de Mayo is racist, while bringing a murderous pogrom leader from Crown Heights to the White House passes without comment.
2) Providing billions to nuclear-obsessed enemies in Iran and North Korea is safer than confronting them.
3) Transgenders are a protected class who should share bathrooms with our daughters. Children who believe they are transgender should receive powerful drugs and surgery to align their bodies and minds. Anyone noting mentally ill people suffering a 40% suicide rate need compassionate care is bigoted.
4) Illegal immigrants are no different than legal immigrants and generous native-born Americans who invite others to share our blessings. Statistics showing 20% of murderers are immigrants should be suppressed.
5) Treating a Jewish country with the basic diplomatic courtesy extended to all other nations, by all other nations, would harm peace.
6) A climate model that has been contradicted by reality is “settled science”.
7) Hateful ideas are so abhorrent we must violently suppress them and promote free speech for good ideas only.
8) America is not a beacon of morality and hope to the world. As it was founded when all nations around the world were racist, it carries the stain of slavery forever.
9) Running billions of dollars for the benefit of teachers’ unions is more just than allowing the parents to choose which schools benefit their children.
10) Providing money and sanctions relief to nuclear-obsessed countries which openly wish to destroy us and our allies will further peace, while confrontation can only harm the more powerful country.

Make America Great Again? I’d settle for Make America Truthful Again. The rest will follow.


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