Message of the next nine days

James Wigderson:

We’re going to start this morning by wishing all of the deer hunters headed into the woods this weekend a safe and successful hunt. On Facebook, Nathan Schacht points out that Wisconsin’s 600,000 deer hunters would be the eighth largest army in the world, between South Korea’s army and Iran’s army.

That’s a lot of firepower assembled to deal with the hooved-rodent menace, but still enough of the White-tail Cong survive to be a hazard on Wisconsin’s roads. According to State Farm Insurance … Wisconsin is a high-risk state for deer-vehicle collisions: 1 in 77 vehicles tagged a deer the hard way in 2016.

We saw a stupid bumper sticker the other day: “Animals Are My Friends. I Don’t Eat My Friends.” Oh yeah? Go hug your Uncle Grizzly and he’ll invite you to dinner. And once you’re out of college most friends don’t cause your car to need major body work.

So ladies and gentlemen in your blaze orange uniforms: shoot a Buck to save a Buick, and make venison chili to celebrate. And if you have too much venison, RightWisconsin will gladly take some off your hands.

So will the Presteblogger.



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