On the latest outrage

I have already written a response to the next instance when evil reveals itself in another mass shooting.

I am not generally paranoid, but note what is in common with the latest shootings — Republicans at softball practice in suburban Washington, people at a country music concert in Las Vegas, Walmart shoppers in Colorado, and now people at church in rural Texas. (And the attack on U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R–Kentucky) as he was mowing his grass.) All stereotypical conservative groups.

Facebook Friend Michael Smith adds important points:

One significant thing American mass shooters have in common is not access to guns, it is they all believe someone else is responsible and should be punished for their “problems”.

From Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, from Adam Lanza to Dylan Roof to Devin Patrick Kelly, all were killers who saw others as the root of their problems.

Which ideology preaches class warfare – that whites are responsible for the problems of blacks, males are to blame for the problems of women, straight people create all problems for gays, the rich are to blame for the issues of the poor, victims are responsible for terrorism and religion is responsible for pretty much every problem in the world?

Hmmmm. If there was only an answer to that question.

There is a correlation between the rise of progressivism from the 60’s on and the increase in violence in the public sphere. Americans had far more access to guns during the 40’s and 50’s than they do today – you could order them through the Sears catalog and have them mailed to your door – and yet the atrocities we see today were nonexistent then. The answer isn’t more control by government over our lives, it is the freedom to exercise our own control and a societal system that teaches that discipline and the worth of human life.

More government and more human laws cannot stop the trend to more violence – only individual self-governance and spiritual laws can.


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