‘Our Worst Critics Prefer to Stay’

This seems appropriate on Independence Day:

So does this:

And this:

So does this, from 2011:

Rebellion goes back before our existence as an independent country to the Boston Tea Party. Everyone who came (or now comes) to this immigrant country by choice came here because they thought their lives would be better here, however they defined “better,” than wherever they left.

Dr. Tim’s Moment of Clarity points out that if this is not who we are, this is who we should be:

Our founding fathers recognized the concept of Natural Law; a set of universal rights and responsibilities endowed to us by our Creator that precedes any governments we might form for the purposes of protecting and enforcing them. Numbers 5-10 of the Ten Commandments are sufficient for us to live in peace with each other, and most of us instinctively follow them, whether or not we believe in the God of the first four.

When six is the upper limit of our tolerance of things we will be told we can’t do, 2,000 pages of “shall” and “shall not” don’t stand a chance. We are Americans; we don’t do “shall.”  That seems so obvious.

Americans are the perfected DNA strand of rebelliousness.  Each of us is the descendant of the brother who left the farm in the old country when his mom and dad and wimpy brother told him not to; the sister who ran away rather than marry the guy her parents had arranged for her; the freethinker who decided his fate would be his own, not decided by a distant power he could not name.  How did you think we would turn out?

Those other brothers and sisters, the tame and the fearful, the obedient and the docile; they all stayed home.  Their timid DNA was passed down to the generations who have endured warfare and poverty and hopelessness and the dull, boring sameness that is the price of subjugation.

They watch from the old countries with envy as their rebellious American cousins run with scissors.  They covet our prosperity and our might and our unbridled celebration of our liberty; but try as they might they have not been able to replicate our success in their own countries.

Why? Because they are governable and we are not.  The framers of the Constitution were smart enough not to try to limit our liberty; they limited government instead. …

Those who cling to the promise of government ignore its reality.  Which side of liberty are you on – the Department of Energy side, or the Internet side?  Which do you trust to deliver your prosperity – yourself or the government?  Who owns you?

That is the question for our time.  A self-owned person is ungovernable; and ungovernable is our natural state.  Liberty is our birthright, and prosperity is its reward.

And …



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