Strike up the band (again)

An outstanding newspaper reports:

Sixty years after what’s been called southern Wisconsin’s first rock and roll band started playing, its founder and members of the band are holding a concert in Avoca Sunday.

The band started by Vilas Craig of Richland Center was called the Kollege Kings when it was made up of members of the Richland Center High School band cornet section.

What’s being billed as Vilas Craig and the Nu ViCounts … will perform a free concert at Legion Park in Avoca Sunday at 1 p.m. In addition to the Nu ViCounts, Craig’s son Timothy, a Nashville recording artist, will be performing.

That, of course, is …

(from left) Jim Chitwood on bass, Vilas Craig on vocals, Karl Gillingham on drums, Steve Prestegard (future father of blogger) on piano and Gene “Fuzz” Mueller on guitar.

… the performers of:

(Side note — get it? — the last video pictures the first iteration of the band, which didn’t record that song. So two people in the video get credit for something they didn’t do.)

I have written about this band previously on this blog. Most people, I suspect, think of their parents as something from the previous century (which is actually true in our children’s case) who have been boring old adults as long as you’ve known them. Of course, if your parents weren’t once your age, you wouldn’t be reading this now. And to find out that your parents were once cool is, well, cool.

Irrelevant side note: The piano player also plays accordion. This is National Accordion Awareness Month.


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