Resistance is futile

Though the summer has only unofficially begun, Kristinn Taylor reports …

Grassroots resistance and ennui have greeted the Democratic National Committee’s recently announced plans for a ‘Resistance Summer’ against the Trump administration. The campaign rolled out a new web site ( with interactive features and a video exhorting Democrats to get involved–but no one is getting involved.

The Resistance Summer interactive map of the fifty United States shows party activists have only scheduled about two dozen meet-ups for the June 3rd roll-out of Resistance Summer–with no meetings announced in half the states in the Union. Large swaths of the nation are devoid of Resistance Summer meet-ups: the Pacific Northwest, much of New England, much of the Midwest and Southwest. No meet-ups are announced in either Hawaii or Alaska according to the map.

A YouTube video promoting Resistance Summer posted on May 25 has garnered just over 500 (that’s right, only five hundred) views in four days. Comments were disabled by the DNC for some reason. Which is just as well as the speakers featured in the video come off as the political equivalent of used car dealers pitching last year’s model.

The Democrats’ Resistance manifesto posted to the web site opens with an unwitting attack on the state of the economy after eight years of President Barack Obama, as President Donald Trump’s economic policies are still being implemented with the important ones–tax cuts and health insurance reform–stuck in Congress. The second paragraph vows to resist powers that are rigging the system–something the Democrats did to ensure Hillary Clinton secured the party’s 2016 presidential nomination over grassroots favorite Bernie Sanders. …

The Democrats’ Resistance Summer is meeting with resistance as feminists in the party are objecting to the woman-instigated anti-Trump movement being led by two men, Tom Perez and Rep. Keith Ellison.

If you’ve lost Democratic Party feminists … well, that’s one reaction, but there’s not an either–or choice there. Given the fact that it’s increasingly obvious that people who have at least voted Democrat in the past obviously voted for Trump, insulting them isn’t going to change their minds, though it may prevent them from voting Democrat in 2018. As it is, not only did Democrats lose the 2016 election, they’re also losing nearly all of the 2017 elections. To date, Democrats have won two state legislature seats nationwide this year. Two.

One reason resistance isn’t working is that most Americans who are not obsessed by politics have actual lives outside of politics. They would seem to prefer living those actual lives, including pleasant summertime activities, instead of getting professionally outraged.

Another reason is the Democrat/liberal freak show that must offend normal people. For instance, the New York Daily News reports:

A pair of white women shut down their pop-up burrito shop in Portland amid cries of cultural appropriation and accusations that they stole their recipes.

The closure of Kooks Burritos comes a week after its owners, Kali Wilgus and Liz “LC” Connely were featured in the popular Willamette Weekly, Fox News reported. The weekend pop-up shop, initially housed in a taco truck, was an immediate hit when they first started dishing out their Mexican-inspired cuisine after a trip to Puerto Nuevo last December. …

“Because of Portland’s underlying racism, the people who rightly own these traditions and cultures that exist are already treated poorly,” an article in the Portland Mercury reads. “These appropriating businesses are erasing and exploiting their already marginalized identities for the purpose of profit and praise.” also offered commentary: “In less than six months, Wilgus and Connelly have managed to build a business. And depending on how you look at it, their methods are either genius or the latest example of white folks profiting off the labor of people of color.”

What kind of people think like this? It seems like every time Donald Trump does something seemingly indefensible, Democrats top that.



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