The disorganized political party

Will Rogers famously said, “I am not a member of any organized party — I am a Democrat.”

I think the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is organized, but that’s hard to tell based on its results, as noted by Jerry Bader:

The Republican Party of Wisconsin launched a website Thursday morning with the aim of bringing the dysfunction of the Democratic Party in Wisconsin into sharp focus:

  • Historic Electoral losses going back to 2010. The electoral carnage is stunning. Wisconsin, once considered a purple state, is now bright red. And recent history is cruel to Democrats: U.S. Senator Ron Johnson came back from far behind in the polls to defeat former Senator Russ Feingold. Donald Trump became the first Republican since Ronald Reagan in 1984 to carry Wisconsin. And after a decade of high-priced mud fest State Supreme Court races, liberals couldn’t field a candidate against Justice Annette Ziegler this spring. Republicans hold the State Senate, the Assembly and the governor’s mansion.
  • Senator Tammy Baldwin’s scandal at Tomah.
  • A field of potential gubernatorial candidates dropping out left and right. At the moment the only announced Democratic candidate is a 25 year old who lost a California congressional race. Virtually every perceived “A” list candidate has announced they won’t be running. Governor Scott Walker isn’t without his vulnerabilities but he can’t lose if Democrats don’t find a candidate.
  • Democrats playing games (Democrats playing Bingo during Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State address) instead of doing their job.
  • While the media focuses on Republican infighting on the transportation issue, it ignores the virtual collapse of the DPW and the fact that the GOP is, in fact, advancing its agenda this session.

In addition to the website, the RPW is also launching a digital ad to reinforce the message that Wisconsin’s mainstream media is mostly ignoring: the Democratic Party in Wisconsin is broken. Baldwin is vulnerable and a robust field of Republican candidates are considering a run for the nomination to challenge her. Walker has already won three elections for governor as he is poised to seek a third term.

The site also contains a compendium of news stories chronicling the Democrats plight in Wisconsin in recent years, featuring embarrassing headlines and Politifact ratings.

If 2016 showed anything, it is that nothing is certain in politics until it happens. But the RPW’s new website illustrates just how ravaged the DPW is. And it will likely be a theme Republicans ride all the way through 2018.

The latest gubernatorial non-candidate is Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, who announced yesterday he’s not running for governor either. That leaves the Democrats with the aforementioned California loser and possibly Rep. Dana Wachs (D–Eau Claire), who at least has not announced he’s not running yet.



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