The GOAT Super Bowl?

The acronym GOAT has become known in the sports world as short for Greatest Of All Time.

(Which is a poor choice to me because “goat” has usually signified someone blamed for a loss, such as Leon Durham or Bill Buckner, whether or not they should be.)

A Patriots fan and Facebook Fan claims that Super Bowl LI should be considered the greatest Super Bowl of all time.

I disagree, not because Super LI wasn’t a great game, but to me back-and-forth games are better than big comebacks. No one except a Falcons fan is likely to have found the first half compelling, and when the Falcons took their 28–3 lead I bet a lot of people turned off their TVs.

So which Super Bowls were better?

I didn’t include any Packers Super Bowls because other than Super Bowl XLV none of the Packer wins were good games unless you’re a Packer fan, and I refuse to include Super Bowl XXXII.



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