On National Fun at Work Day

I will be on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Ideas Network’s Joy Cardin Week in Review segment Friday at 8 a.m.

Joy Cardin and all the other Ideas Network programming can be heard on WLBL (930 AM) in Auburndale, WHID (88.1 FM) in Green Bay, WHWC (88.3 FM) in Menomonie, WRFW (88.7 FM) in River Falls, WEPS (88.9 FM) in Elgin, Ill., WHAA (89.1 FM) in Adams, WHBM (90.3 FM) in Park Falls, WHLA (90.3 FM) in La Crosse, WRST (90.3 FM) in Oshkosh, WHAD (90.7 FM) in Delafield, W215AQ (90.9 FM) in Middleton, KUWS (91.3 FM) in Superior, WHHI (91.3 FM) in Highland, WSHS (91.7 FM) in Sheboygan, WHDI (91.9 FM) in Sister Bay, WLBL (91.9 FM) in Wausau, W275AF (102.9 FM) in Ashland, W300BM (107.9 FM) in Madison, and of course online at www.wpr.org.

None of those radio stations is carrying my other on-air work this week, because WPR doesn’t do sports broadcasts. (WPR was apparently the first broadcaster of the state boys basketball tournament; if public radio did sports today, one would assume it would sound like a TV golf broadcast. Wisconsin Public Television carries UW sports, though less since the Big Ten Network came into existence.) Tonight will be my third game of the week, preceded by a doubleheader Tuesday, followed by game four Friday, on three different radio stations. (It’s helpful to not mess up station identification where you are, though that is less important than making sure all the commercials run.)

Friday is apparently National Fun at Work Day, which to me is a bit too close to the concept of loving your job, which you should never do, because your job doesn’t love you. It is, more importantly, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the anniversary of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Less seriously, it’s Thomas Crapper Day, in memory of the promoter (though not inventor) of the flush toilet.It’s also National Chocolate Cake Day.

Unrelated, I think, It’s also National Chocolate Cake Day.


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