Hollywood vs. normalcy

I didn’t watch the Golden Globes awards Sunday night (anything I did Sunday night would have been a better use of my time), but Facebook Friend Michael Smith did so you didn’t have to:

I always try to find something good, and if not good — of value, when reading, watching, or simply hearing about things said by good ole Meryl, Jimmy Fallon and many other progressives speaking last night from the stage who are known but to entertainment insiders and perhaps God Himself.

Hollywood is valuable in that it is a microcosm of the progressive left’s most insulated echo chamber. It is the Democrat Party, concentrated and on steroids. They were all in for Hillary and have produced two pathetic videos begging the Electoral college and Democrats in Congress to save them from TrumpHitler, just as they begged to be saved from DubHitler, DaddyBushHitler and ReaganHitler before him.

Was there any evidence last night that they learned anything from this past election season?

I learned that in spite of the self-congratulatory attitudes and the penchant for giving each other awards, if you judge by movie receipts, the general public is telling the priests and priestesses of Hollywood that they aren’t in alignment. “Miss Sloane,” the anti-gun picture made with the help of the Brady Campaign, flopped at the box-office despite having a big name, Jessica Chastain, helming it. “Miss Sloane” had a box office opening weekend total of $1.8 million — while Chastain’s “Zero Dark Thirty” retelling of getting Osama bin Laden grossed $24.4 million and a #1 ranking for movies opening in wide release that weekend. “Miss Sloane” was #11 and recorded the 79th worst ever opening in per theater average of any movie since 1982.

Hollywood tried the same thing in 2007 with an anti-war, “Bush lied, people died” barrage of movies helmed by big name stars, among them were “Lions for Lambs” — starring Robert Redford, Tom Cruise and guess who? Wait for it … Meryl Streep! LFL was joined by “In the Valley of Elah” – starring Al Gore’s college roommate, Tommy Lee Jones and Charlise Theron and “Rendition” – starring Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal and you guessed it — Meryl Streep — again! Meryl was busy with her outrage generation in 2007.

Remember those movies? Yeah, me neither.

I guess all but “Lions for Lambs” are still on Netflix if you want to punish yourself.

Contrast and compare the opening weekend takes of “Miss Sloane” ($1.8 million), “Lions for Lambs” ($6.7 million), “In the Valley of Elah” ($1.5 million) and “Rendition” ($4.1 million) with the total for “American Sniper”, the biopic of Chris Kyle starring Bradley Cooper. Opening weekend take — $89.3 million, 5 times more than those 4 movies combined.

Another thing I learned from it was they really, really, really hate Donald Trump. I mean viscerally and with every bone in their body — but I don’t think most the hate is not because he won, but because he won as a Republican. They clearly see him as a traitor because until he decided to run for president as a Republican, he was one of them. He had a successful TV program, he moved in the same New York orbit as they did, he supported Democrats and Democrat causes.

Trump should have been on that stage last night. He should have been nominated for best actor in a comedy, drama or a documentary for the role he has pulled off in 2015 and 2016 and they hate him for that.

A word about The Donald – I believe he IS playing a role. History says so — but I get it — I don’t really care what role he is playing as long as he keeps to his promised agenda. Just like Hollywood, I don’t have to like the star to recognize a good script and like the movie.

Progressivism is a religion and there is no place it is more fervently and rigidly practiced than its Holy City of Hollywood. Like Islamists, the Hollywood Taliban reserve a special kind of hatred for apostates and non-believers. Their hatred for all of us who have rejected them and their religion was palpable and on full display last night.

They learned nothing from 2007, so why should 2016 be any different?

The thing about Smith’s box-office observations, though, is that presumably the actors got paid, unless their pay included a percentage of the box office, which is putting your money where your mouth is.

Smith had another point to make about actors:

Hollywood absurdity on display — rich white people pretending to be downtrodden socialists, down with the struggle of minorities and the poor. The problem with actors is they never really stop acting. …

When the basis for your existence is possessing the amazing talent to become someone else, it is difficult to remember who you are. When your life is based on pretending, pretense becomes part of your toolkit, part of you.

Actors are paid to lie, con and cheat you on the stage and screen. They are most successful when they can convince you to suspend disbelief to believe them and the situations they create. Their skill is not feeling the emotions of the characters they represent, it is convincing you to share the emotions they create.

Hollywood is based on delicious deception. Why would you expect them to be any different off the stage or screen? Actors and actresses support efforts to eliminate child poverty and hunger, yet support abortion. They support climate change and have some of the largest individual carbon footprints of anyone in America. They support gun control while making violent movies with guns. They criticize rich people while being rich themselves.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion and is free to express it – but we also have the right to listen, review and decide for ourselves if that opinion holds any validity.

Meryl Streep isn’t uneducated. She is the child of an upper middle class family who went to high school in a predominantly white area of upstate New Jersey. She is a Vassar graduate. She has been very successful actress … but that doesn’t grant her some special authority or moral superiority. She makes her living being someone else, not herself.

Her success is built on the very schlubs she detests buying tickets to her movies.

So why take any of them seriously, especially Meryl Streep?


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