Proof of the plant

It is becoming increasingly clear that Donald Trump was planted by the Clintons to give Hillary the easiest possible opponent to defeat in November.

Brandon Morse begins:

The hacked emails released by Wikileaks shows an interesting tidbit about how the Democrats looked at the idea of a Trump candidacy, and you can safely see that of all the candidates Hillary actively wanted to face, Trump was on the list.

Calling them the “pied piper” candidates, team Hillary describes Trump, Cruz, and Carson as nominees that could – if handled properly – make the extreme the mainstream

The summary is that the DNC and the Clinton campaign wanted Trump to be Hillary’s opponent because they knew his extreme stances could be used to alienate and divide. They could then use these candidates to paint the Republican party as a whole as something dangerous.

Trump was a tool for Hillary’s campaign all along. She wanted the press to take Trump seriously, put him up as the most viable option for Republicans, and the right took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. Now with the Trump campaign burning to the ground, and GOP leaders walking away due to his recent comments, the Clinton campaign’s plan to put Hillary on top is coming to fruition.

In short, the Republicans have been played. Trump was a unknowing puppet for Hillary from the get-go, and the right – though some had very strong suspicions – didn’t know it.

Other emails were read by The Right Scoop:

In the newest trove of emails released by Wikileaks, there’s a really interesting reference to Cruz and Trump:

According to Podesta, who is Hillary’s campaign chairman, Hillary is a horrible liar, and she’s such a terrible candidate that their only hope is if Donald Trump gets the nomination! LOL!!

Lucky for them, they got what they wanted and now he’s in absolute freefall in the polls. 

And what’s even sadder is that he gives Ted Cruz even odds with Hillary. In an alternate universe, Cruz would be close or beating Hillary. Meanwhile, in our reality he’s making sad phone calls for Trump.

Don’t like Cruz? (I don’t blame you.) An even better candidate would have been Marco Rubio, according to the Clintons as reported by London’s Daily Mail:

A new batch of Wikileaks emails highlighting Hillary Clinton‘s campaign were released last week and show that the first GOP candidate the Democrats saw as a threat wasn’t Donald Trump but Marco Rubio.

At 43, the Florida Senator was the youngest Republican in a crowded field of 17 candidates and was seen by Clinton’s advisers as similar to Obama, who bested Clinton in 2008 with his calls for a move away from the old guard politicians.

Wikileaks claims the emails come from the hacked account of campaign chairman John Podesta.

Neither Podesta or Clinton have denied their authenticity.

‘It’s interesting to compare/contrast with Obama 08,’ a staffer wrote to Podesta, referring to Rubio saying, ‘Yesterday is over, and we are never going back’ in a campaign speech.

The staffer wondered if the statement was directed at Clinton, and emails bounced back and forth about whether to respond, but in the end they decided to let it lie.

‘Don’t see reason to react here,’ campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri wrote, according to The Daily Beast. …

‘He gives a good speech, and sounded much more reasonable, populist and accessible than much of the rest of the GOP field,’ wrote public relations maven Christina Reynolds, words that could have been used to describe the approach Obama took to beat Clinton.

‘Felt more like an inspiring Democratic speech than a GOP candidate, outside of foreign policy, repealing Obamacare and choice. Lots of references to ‘our generation’ (i.e. Him and younger voters) vs. ‘their generation’ (them being us, Jeb, his opponents, Washington).’

One staffer noted that Rubio’s speeches were reminiscent of one Obama made when he said, ‘This election is not just about what laws we will pass. It is a generational choice about what kind of country we will be.’

Think about it. How could the Democrats have come up with a more perfect candidate to run against than Trump — racist, misogynist, loud-mouthed, foul-mouthed and the embodiment of every negative stereotype of Republicans? I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Trump endorsed Hillary Nov. 7, or make a big unity joint appearance with Hillary Nov. 9.


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