The first birther

Back in 1988, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis was attacked by George H.W. Bush over a prison inmate Massachusetts let out on furlough, Willie Horton, who ended up committing more crimes while out of prison.

Less noticed at the time was that the Willie Horton issue wasn’t first brought up by the Bush campaign. It was brought up first by Dukakis’ fellow Democrat, Al Gore.

That came to mind with the tiresome reintroduction of Barack Obama’s alleged birthplace, brought  up most recently by Donald Trump, who accused Hillary Clinton of bringing it up first.

Facebook Friend Michael Smith brings up who is actually responsible:

“Imagine you’re a hippie kid. Your dad is some Kenyan big wig. Your mom is a self-important sociologist doing such important work that you, Barack Obama, must be left home with grandma and grandpa.

You are boring.

You are a mixed race kid on Hawaii in the sixties which is not a big deal because everyone has Hawaiian blood and has mocha skin. You are relatively wealthy and end up at a prep school with other wealthy kids.

You have to justify your existence.”

~ Dr. Melissa Clouthier

What is it that these people, all in the news within the past couple of election cycles, have in common?

  • Richard Blumenthal
  • John Edwards
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Barack H. Obama
  • Hillary Clinton

That they all are liars is, of course, one thing – but that isn’t the only thing.

  • Dick Blumenthal won election to the Senate from Connecticut even after being exposed as blatantly lying about his military career.
  • John Edwards created the persona of a “son of a mill worker” and a devoted husband when he was actually a filthy rich trial lawyer and was cheating on his cancer stricken wife with his baby mama, Rielle Hunter.
  • Elizabeth Warren, aka Fauxcohantas, is the $500,000 a year Harvard professor, self-identified “mother of the OWS movement” and the Democrat US Senate candidate from Massachusetts who pretended to be part Cherokee to gain advantage in her career.
  • In the 1990’s, Obama created a false identity to make himself seem more interesting and marketable and during his political career he created another persona in order to fool enough people to get elected.
  • Hillary Clinton shamelessly lied about Benghazi (well, she lies about pretty much everything) and still is the Democrat nominee.

So…if someone claims Resident Obama was born in Kenya, that makes them a “birther”, right? At least that is the latest spin on a dead, irrelevant “issue” the Clinton campaign has resurrected in order to try to paint Trump as a racist.

So let me introduce you to the original “birther”, President Barack Obama himself.

For over 15 years, Obama sat by as his author’s bio stated unequivocally that he was born in Kenya.

The characteristic Hillary and the gang listed above share is that they have created alternate versions of themselves in order to “sell” themselves to the public at large. Why? Is it because their “real” selves couldn’t get elected? Is that why they have to fool the electorate to gain power?

Let me ask you this: if someone has to create a façade to get you to believe in them are you voting for the real person or the façade? How will the person behave after you have put them in power over you and given your trust to them, will they behave like the façade or the person they truly are?

One thing that I have learned over these many years in managing people is this: we are who we are. By that, I mean that behavior is behavior and it is almost impossible to change that behavior. It takes a lot of energy to modify who we are at our core and even more to sustain that change. Radical behavioral changes are almost never sustainable and in moments of stress, crisis or challenge, we tend to revert to our core.

We are who we are and they are who they are.

That’s why having a fair, impartial, robust and inquisitive press is critical to democracy – but with the exception of Fox News and sadly, sometimes the lowly National Enquirer, we now have only advocacy journalism. These “news” organizations are totally uninterested in anything that doesn’t advance their chosen narrative.

In the prologue to the second of his autobiographies, The Audacity of Hope, he said:

“I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.”

And yet he was still elected…because he was shielded from inquiry by a willing and compliant press.

This Kenya thing should have driven the final nail in the coffin of media bias…This is complicity at the highest level. As Ace at AOSHQ reports, the bio was not corrected until 2007. Curiously, Obama also announced his run for the presidency in February of 2007. He gave a keynote speech at the Democrat convention in 2004, so it isn’t like this wasn’t out there to be found. They seem not to have had any trouble finding trumped up issues with Mitt Romney’s high school pranks from 1965, so this one should have been a “gimme”.

But it wasn’t.

It didn’t fit the chosen narrative.

Perhaps this illustrates another, more chilling prospect, that the media did know about this and decided that it was something that the public just didn’t need to know…for any reason. That is what is done in totalitarian states. Same with Hillary, they aren’t finding scandals simply because they don’t want to look.

It is an issue now because the media themselves made it an issue by not reporting on it several years ago and giving Obama the chance to respond to it. Now it just looks like they were covering for him whether they were or not.

Obama’s literary agent claimed for years that Obama was born in Kenya. Obama can’t even tell the truth about  himself.



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