Offense! (clap clap) Offense! (clap clap)

Here’s a news report about a news report, from 24/7 Sports:

When the news broke that Jordy Nelson has been cleared to practice, Adam Schein of CBS Sports said that this was huge for the team going forward. In fact, he would go on to say the Packers would have “the best, most explosive offense in the NFL” heading into the 2016 regular season. …

Schein mentioned the Packers going to the playoffs and winning a playoff game without Nelson last year. But he also said the Packers were never dominant. That should change with Nelson back because he will stretch the field and he will be Aaron Rodgers’ security blanket.

Also, with Nelson back, that means the pressure is off Randall Cobb to be the No. 1 receiver. Schein did say that Cobb is a No. 2 receiver and having Rodgers, Nelson and Cobb back together can only mean good things for the Packers.

However, the run game needs to be better and Schien did say that with Lacy back in shape, he should have a bounce-back season. In 2015, Lacy only rushed for 758 yards and three touchdowns. His lack of production was a big reason why the Packers offense was very inconsistent last season.
It’s clear that Schien is a big believer in the Packers, and he should be. Even if they don’t have the No. 1 offense in the NFL, they should and will make great strides in 2016.

On offense. So the best-case scenario is that the Packers could have as explosive an offense as they had in 2011, when they set all kinds of team records for offensive production. Nelson is a receiver hard for defenses to deal with, having both size and speed and ability to  get open in the red zone. Randall Cobb is probably a better number 2 receiver than a number 1 receiver. Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers …

… and If the pass offense is better the run offense is likely to be better too due to their opponents’ defenses having to worry about all those receivers.

You may remember that the 2011 season didn’t end with a Super Bowl ring, however. As we have seen the NFL regular season and postseason are two different things. If you have an elite offense, defense could be defined as scoring more points than your opponent in the regular season. But the postseason consists of teams that can actually play defense. When you run into one of those teams — for instance, the Giants in the 2011-season postseason — you end up with an unenviable 15-2 record.

Packers fans are sometimes driven nuts by their defense under defensive coordinator Dom Capers. However, Capers has the Packers’ Super Bowl XLV ring, following a regular season that, you’ll recall, required the Packers to win their last two games just to get the sixth and final NFC playoff spot. Assuming the Al Jazeera-accused PED-users on the defense don’t miss significant time due to suspension, the key will be how the defense is playing by the playoffs.



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