Do Nothing for anyone but Clinton

The Washington Post has interesting news for the start of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia today:

Wikileaks posted a massive trove of internal Democratic National Committee emails online Friday, in what the organization dubbed the first of a new “Hillary Leaks” series.

The cache includes nearly 20,000 emails and more than 8,000 file attachments from the inboxes of seven key staffers of the DNC, including communications director Luis Miranda and national finance director Jordan Kaplan, according to the Wikileaks website. The emails span from January 2015 through late May and are presented in a searchable database. 

The cache appears to contain sensitive personal information about some donors, including Social Security numbers, passport numbers and credit card information.

The DNC did not immediately respond to a request for comment. …

The Democratic Party has had its share of cybersecurity woes recently. Last month, the DNC acknowledged that its systems had been breached. …

Crowdstrike, the firm brought in by the party to clean up after that hack, said the company discovered that two separate hacking groups associated with the Russian government had infiltrated the DNC’s systems.

One of the groups, dubbed Cozy Bear, had been monitoring the emails and chats since gaining access last summer, Crowdstrike co-founder Dmitri Alperovitch told The Post.

Another, which the firm called Fancy Bear, targeted opposition research files. That group broke into the DNC’s systems in April, setting off the alarm bells that resulted in the discovery of both infiltrations.

The Russian government has denied involvement in the breaches.

The lefty site US Uncut is not amused:

The worst fears of Bernie Sanders’ supporters have been officially confirmed in the latest batch of DNC emails released by WikiLeaks.

On Friday, the whistleblowing website leaked approximately 20,000 emails that were allegedly sent by top Democratic National Committee staffers like chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who referred to a top Bernie Sanders aide as a “damn liar“) national press secretary Mark Paustenbach, and communications director Luis Miranda. This data dump is “Part One” of a series from WikiLeaks they are calling the “Hillary Leaks,” and Guccifer 2.0 has taken credit for the hack behind this first set of emails from the DNC.

The emails show an unprecedented level of collusion between top party officials and political reporters at establishment newspapers, as well as DNC staffers obviously favoring Hillary Clinton while devising ways to attack Bernie Sanders.

In one email with the subject line “Bernie narrative,” Paustenbach ponders a way to attack the Sanders campaign as “never having their act together” with Miranda, suggesting they plant a narrative in the media that the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign “was a mess.”

Despite Wasserman Schultz repeatedly denied allegations that she was favoring Hillary Clinton in the primary, but WikiLeaks’ emails expose her treating the Sanders campaign as an adversary.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her staff contemplate ways to smear Sanders’ position on Israel/Palestine affairs with her communications team in one exchange, with Wasserman Schultz saying “The Israel stuff is disturbing” in reference to Sanders’ platform committee appointees attempting to include language denouncing the occupation of Palestinian territory in the party platform. The email also shows that “HFA” (Hillary for America) fronted the idea of Israel/Palestine as “an ideal issue to marginalize Bernie on,” suggesting that DNC staffers were in communication with the Clinton campaign and cooperating on attack strategies against Sen. Sanders.

Party officials even sunk so low as to devise how to use Bernie’s religious views against him, according to emails analyzed Sam Biddle of The Intercept. In an email with the subject line of “No Shit,” DNC CFO Brad Marshall appears to strategize on how to alienate Sanders from Southern Baptist voters:

It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.

Marshall followed up shortly after to add, “It’s these Jesus thing.” DNC CEO Amy Dacey replied with “AMEN.” The email was also send to Miranda and Paustenbach.

Marshall emailed the Intercept after publication of their story to insist he was “probably” talking about a surrogate and not Sanders in this email, and the Intercept has followed up to ask what surrogate he could have meant. Marshall has yet to respond to that request as of this writing.

Article 5, Section 4 of the charter and bylaws of the Democratic Party requires the DNC chair to remain impartial during the primary process, a rule that Schultz seems to have violated in these emails:

In the conduct and management of the affairs and procedures of the Democratic National Committee, particularly as they apply to the preparation and conduct of the Presidential nomination process, the Chairperson shall exercise impartiality and evenhandedness as between the Presidential candidates and campaigns. The Chairperson shall be responsible for ensuring that the national officers and staff of the Democratic National Committee maintain impartiality and evenhandedness during the Democratic Party Presidential nominating process.

Tom Cahill has found …

… nine of the most egregious examples of the DNC actively working with the media and the Clinton campaign to smear Sanders:

1. The DNC’s communications director was eager to point out negative angles for Sanders stories

Luis Miranda, the national communications director for the DNC, is seen in two separate email chains briefing reporters with both Politico and the Wall Street Journal. In one email thread with Politico’s Daniel Strauss, Miranda told Strauss that he would “point out… some of the issues” with Sen. Sanders’ DNC committee appointments “off the record” with Strauss to help him write his story. Strauss initially asked for Miranda to send the list of appointments over “with no fingerprints attached.”

In another email thread dated May 11 of this year, Miranda is seen briefing the Wall Street Journal’s Laura Meckler on Sanders’ committee appointments, complaining that Sanders continued to demand fair representation on the DNC’s platform committee despite DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s concessions to the Sanders campaign.

2. Debbie Wasserman Schultz privately called Clinton the “presumptive nominee” while accusing Sanders of not being a Democrat

After DNC national press secretary Mark Paustenbach shared a link to a Politico article in which Bernie Sanders complained about the Democratic Party not treating him fairly, Wasserman Schultz responded curtly, questioning the Vermont senator’s Democratic credentials.

“Spoken like someone who has never been a member of the Democratic Party and has no understanding of what we do,” Wasserman Schultz said of Sanders, who has caucused with and campaigned for House and Senate Democrats for decades.

In another email dated May 1, more than a month of voting to go before the final primaries were over, Paustenbach shared an article written by Politico’s Daniel Strauss in which Bernie Sanders promises a contested convention. Wasserman Schultz’s response was simply, “So much for a traditional presumptive nominee,” in reference to Hillary Clinton.

3. DNC officials worked closely with the Hillary Clinton campaign to respond to Sanders’ money laundering allegations

After the bombshell story of the Hillary Victory Fund broke, in which the Clinton campaign was accused of funneling 99 percent of the money meant for down-ballot Democratic candidates back to her own campaign, the DNC helped the Clinton campaign do damage control in the media.

Paustenbach forwarded an email from Politico’s Ken Vogel on April 29 to Miranda and DNC CEO Amy Dacey asking detailed questions about the Hillary Victory fund. He then wrote that he had spoken with the Clinton campaign, who suggested a series of talking points to be used.

However, the collusion went deeper, with Luis Miranda shown in various emails drafting talking points to be used by the Clinton campaign in response to the Hillary Victory Fund’s money laundering allegations. In the thread dated May 4, Clinton campaign spokesman is seen badgering Miranda asking for the draft for a Medium post defending the Clinton campaign’s questionable fundraising strategies.

4. A Politico reporter agreed to allow the DNC to edit his stories

Bernie Sanders’ supporters should feel at least partially vindicated, as their suspicion of the DNC working closely with establishment media has been confirmed in at least one thread.

In one particularly damning exchange, Mark Paustenbach is seen referring to an “agreement” with Politico’s Ken Vogel to let the DNC pre-screen one of his stories before they’re sent to Vogel’s editors.

“Vogel gave me his story ahead of time/before it goes to his editors as long as I didn’t share it,” Paustenbach wrote to Luis Miranda. “Let me know if you see anything that’s missing and I’ll push back.”

5. DNC staff automatically dismissed interview requests from “Bernie bros”

In the wake of the Hillary Victory Fund fallout, DNC staffers were seen dismissing interview requests for Debbie Wasserman Schultz about the money laundering allegations due to the political affiliations of the interviewers themselves.

A May 4 email chain between Pablo Manriquez — the DNC’s broadcast media booker — and Luis Miranda shows the two contemplating whether or not Wasserman Schultz should do an interview with SiriusXM radio’s David Guggenheim about the Hillary Victory Fund.

“Not sure if we’re talking about the Bernie Bro’s latest accusations. If not will just say we can’t join. Lmk!” Manriquez wrote to Miranda.

“Wait, this is a shit topic. Where is Guggenheim? Is he a Bernie Bro?” Miranda asked.

“Must be a Bernie Bro,” Manriquez replied. “Per Mark [Paustenbach]’s sage, I turned him down flat (and politely) and inquired into opportunities next week to talk about something else.”

6. Wasserman Schultz demanded an apology from MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski for suggesting she resign

On May 18, after an MSNBC Morning Joe segment aired featuring Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski suggesting Wasserman Schultz “rigged” the primary for Hillary Clinton’s benefit, Wasserman Schultz wrote a furious email to Luis Miranda asking him to contact the president of MSNBC and demand an apology from Brzezinski.

“This is the LAST straw,” Wasserman Schultz wrote. “Please call Phil[…] Griffin. This is outrageous. She needs to apologize.”

Two hours later, Wasserman Schultz wrote an email to NBC News political director and Meet the Press host Chuck Todd with the subject line “Chuck, this must stop.” Miranda responded to Wasserman Schultz’s earlier email saying, “Since you already went to Chuck I’ll wait for his response.”

Later that evening, Miranda sent an email to Chuck Todd with a list of talking points about how Wasserman Schultz has remained a neutral arbiter of the primaries, and asked him to send the talking points to Scarborough and Brzezinski. Both seemed to agree that arranging a call between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Mika Brzezinski was a bad idea.

7. DNC staffers knew Sanders would destroy Wasserman Schultz in a one-on-one segment

An April 24 email thread was particularly revealing in that Luis Miranda and Wasserman Schultz staffer Kate Yglesias Houghton felt Wasserman Schultz stumbled in an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace about the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and that the team should do their best to keep the DNC chairwoman away from any segment with Bernie Sanders.

“She can’t take Sanders on directly, it would turn into a fight,” Miranda wrote to Houghton. “[A]ny time it’s DNC Chair vs Sanders, DNC Chair is going to lose.”

8. DNC staffers seemed to know Clinton would be the nominee with nearly two months of voting left

Even before the polls closed during the April 26 primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, DNC Finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer casually revealed to DNC events director Ellen Thrower that the DNC was already planning its collaboration with the Clinton campaign, even though Clinton hadn’t secured a majority of pledged delegates and there were still millions of Democrats in multiple states who hadn’t voted.

“What was the Amy [Dacey] meeting all about??” Thrower asked.

“It was basically just a general check-in meeting where she thanked us for being flexible as we wait for a nominee and said that she and [DNC National Finance Director Jordan] Kaplan are in the process of figuring out what our collaboration with Hillary’s people will look like once she gets it.”

9. The DNC may have had plants inside the Sanders campaign

As Wasserman Schultz was preparing to speak at a Democratic Party event in Alaska, Luis Miranda and Kate Houghton were attempting to learn more about a Facebook event set up by Sanders supporters in Alaska to “counter” Wasserman Schultz’ appearance. Both seemed to have the impression that Alaska Democratic Party executive director Kay Brown would be able to glean knowledge about the counter-event’s organizers and participants.

“There’s no way Kay doesn’t have someone who can get her intel. We need to push them,” Miranda wrote.

“Kay told me she has friends inside the Bernie organization there who may be able to provide some more information,” Houghton replied.

Schultz resigned as DNC chair Sunday, but not from her Congressional seat. Hillary’s response was to hire Schultz for her campaign. Mission accomplished. There will be no repercussions to Hillary directly seeing that there appears to be no smoking gun back to her. As I’ve been saying for decades, there is no way anyone can be too cynical about the Clintons.

I wonder how Comrade Bernie and his supporters (including a majority of Wisconsin Democratic voters) feel about this. I have been saying the fix has been for Hillary for months, and this is proof. If Sanders gives one bit of support for Clinton or for Democrats, he will be giving approval of the DNC’s campaign against himself.


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